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Huawei SmartHome

If you own a Huawei network device you can now control all of it from your phone using the Huawei SmartHome app. Through the Huawei Smart Home application, you can manage various Huawei devices, such as the Huawei E5 wireless network device and other Internet communication devices.

Features of downloading the Huawei SmartHome app

The Huawei Smart Home 2021 app provides its users with many features and features to manage various Huawei devices via their mobile phones.

  • By downloading the Huawei Smart Home 2021 app, you can modify the settings of the connected network and the ability to control and restart the device to solve connection problems.
  • The ability to identify the data of the network using the 2021 Huawei SmartHome application, and know the signal strength and the name of the network for Huawei devices.
  • The Huawei Smart Home app allows you to create a private network for your visitors to use. This feature provides you with maintaining the privacy and security of your private network and separating personal use from public use.
  • Huawei SmartHome app provides you with several tools that specialize in fixing router problems and repairing wireless network connection.
  • Control through the Huawei Smart Home application in the network properties to control children’s connection and use of the network, and the ability to provide contact points for children browsing the Internet.

Download the Huawei Smart Home app

The Huawei SmartHome app works on all Android mobile phones and tablets. The Huawei SmartHome application supports all the latest Android systems from 4.3 system, you can join more than one hundred thousand users and download the Huawei Smart Home application through the Google Play Store or download it with a permanent direct link through the KoigiSoft website. Huawei smart home app download

App Info

Name: Huawei SmartHome
Size: 99.48MB
Package: com.huaweioverseas.smarthome
Views: 591
Op. System: Android
Price: 0
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: HUAWEI

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  1. I have just purchased a HUAWEI Mobile WiFi device, to get WiFi in a location where I have no access to the Interned. All I want to do is to change the password into something that is simple which I could remember easily.

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