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Download English Arabic Dictionary 2021 without Net Today, the English language has become one of the most prevalent languages ​​around the world, so there has become a very great need to use the English language and know the words and sentences in all aspects of life, as we find in our daily lives several things that need to know some terms of the English language This was causing great problems for many people, so there was an urgent need for an interpreter to be with us on an ongoing basis, so this translator was an “English-Arabic dictionary”.

Q Dictionary 2021 development

Recently, several applications appeared to make translations of English words, but there were some problems that caused the boredom of many users of these applications, and because of the importance of this application, there was great interest in issuing a sophisticated Arabic-English speaking dictionary free of all problems, so the developers worked on designing A very advanced dictionary that includes many important and very useful properties in the field of translation and pronunciation correction, this application that I present to you today will amaze you because of its high capabilities. Here are some features of the modern translated dictionary:

Application features

  • It translates words easily and quickly, so it has become one of the main Android programs for many smartphone users.
  • Q Dictionary This amazing application provides you with translation from Arabic into English as well as vice versa, as it has many other different languages.
  • As this English speaking dictionary allows you to pronounce the translated words with a clear voice, and this feature will benefit you a great deal in knowing the correct pronunciation of words, there are some people who use this feature individually, that is, he knows the meaning of the word but wants to make sure he pronounces the word, as this The feature benefits students who are learning the language, as well as people who want to learn English easily.
  • It does not need an internet connection, as after you have finished downloading an English-Arabic mobile dictionary: You can use this q dictionary with ease without the need to be connected to the Internet, unlike other similar applications, as this version completely eliminates this problem.
  • It gives you the best translation of words as well as English terms.
  • Millions of people liked it, as many people trust this great dictionary.
  • It contains thousands of famous words and abbreviations circulated among many users of this application, in order to facilitate the translation process.
  • It works on all mobile devices running the Android system in all its versions.
  • After completing the download of the dictionary, you will have the best translator in the world, as this dictionary will be for you as a special translator who is with you wherever you are.
  • This new version also made the dictionary multi-lingual, as it allows you to translate words into more than 35 international languages ​​that you can choose between with ease.
  • Draft: You will find in the application’s draft more than 800 interesting topics that help you to understand the English language well.
  • The app size is very small which makes it fast, light, and doesn’t take up memory.
  • Also, the application of a free English-Arabic dictionary, meaning you can get it without paying any price.

English-Arabic dictionary pdf

There is also a PDF version of this wonderful dictionary, providing you with the ability to search for words with sound, all you have to do is speak to your mobile by speaking the word you are looking for, the application will bring it to you at once, this technique helps you to quickly search for words.

App Info

Name: Q Dictionary
Version: 3.5.13
Size: 53.05MB
Package: com.mmh.qdic
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: MMH Dev

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