Learn foreign languages ​​for free with Rosetta Stone, it is one of the most effective language..

License Free
Op. System Android
Category Education and Languages
applicationCategory EducationApplication
Modified Date 2020-05-21
Developer Rosetta Stone Ltd
Version 6.9.0

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3.6 out of 5
9 ratings

Rosetta Stone

Learn foreign languages ​​for free with Rosetta Stone, it is one of the most effective language learning apps on computers and mobile devices.

You can learn to speak English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, or one of 19 languages ​​at any time.

Effective self-study of a foreign language Rosetta Stone

Simply download Rosetta Stone to start building new language skills faster and more effectively using the proven Rosetta Stone method.

Learn English with an app that helps you learn foreign languages ​​for free, Rosetta Stone will become a valuable teacher for you in the process of learning and searching for a new language.

You will have the opportunity to discover many new words and grammar and learn communication skills in this language in a systematic way, discover the many benefits of learning a foreign language based on the scientific evidence of Rosetta Stone.

Advantages of Rosetta Stone

  • Access the Rosetta Stone method to learn a foreign language anywhere.
  • Enjoy free access to Lesson 1 to 1 of 24 languages.
  • Special voice recognition technology.
  • Automatically sync to multiple devices.
  • Corporate or educational customers will have full access to the content available.
  • A learning method like Duolingo is answering choice questions or pronouncing them as a typical sound, if your answer is wrong, then answer again until you answer correctly.

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