MuPDF viewer

MuPDF viewer

1.15 Android 8 21 4.4

MuPDF viewer

MuPDF 2021 If you do not need to edit PDF files, there is no need to download full useless features of the application, MuPDF Viewer is an open application that provides us with only the appropriate amount of functionality so that we can view and read PDF files.

Read PDF documents on Android by downloading MuPDF app for Android, latest version 2020

This widget only allows us to open and view documents in this format, we can browse the Android folder tree, search for the PDF file of your choice and open it directly, once you get to the desired, you can implement most of the following tools:

  • Mupdf enables you to zoom in and out to better read the document.
  • Also, MuPDF allows you to find any text.
  • Pages run via the bottom toolbar.


Mupdf viewer developers strive to make several improvements, like the fact that we can only search for text on the current page, not the entire document. Despite this fact, it is an excellent app for anyone who doesn’t need a lot of advanced features for a PDF reader, if you need PDF for mobile then download MuPDF APK now.

App Info

Name: MuPDF viewer
Version: 1.15
Size: 42.45MB
Package: com.ksbtnclex.ACLS
Views: 8
Op. System: Android
Price: 0
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Current Clinical Strategies

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21 4.4

يتم فحص الملف الان... يتم فحص الملف الان..

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