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Adobe Scan

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Adobe Scan, Scanners are now a thing of the past, in fact, and thanks to the increased power of smartphones and cameras, there are many applications that can digitize documents and convert various formats that we can work with, such as PDF or Word.

There are many applications that perform this function, but Adobe has just released its own version, which makes it one of the best alternatives and one of the more document scanning applications for the phone, the fact is that this feature was already available in other applications by this developer, as is The case in Adobe Reader,

But the 2021 Adobe Scan app is sure to be loaded with all the features you can find in this type of application. So I strongly recommend you to download the adobe scan app

How this scanner app works

How Adobe Illustrator 2021 works depends on three principles:

  1. Scan everything you want with maximum accuracy thanks to the detection and autofocus limit, the type of document doesn’t matter, because it can handle anything: invoices, notes, billboards, flyers, business cards, magazines … etc.
  2. Optimize and improve scanned documents by cutting, rotating, adjusting colors, selecting the text, etc.
  3. Convert your scanned content to a high-quality PDF file so you can switch from PDF to Word and other Microsoft Office formats.

App Info

Name: Adobe Scan
Version: 22.05.19-regular
Size: 95.04 MB
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Adobe

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