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microG 2021 Google Play Services is an app that connects Android to various different search engine services, in other words, if you want to use apps like Gmail, Google Play, or YouTube, you need to install this megastore. However, some users are not very happy to use this program on their phones, as well as the way Google collects user data.

Download microg for ogyt for Android

To be able to use without giving up the various tools that the company provides, we can use the download microG app, which is an alternative to the official app that allows us to use them as if Google Tools were installed.

Download microg for ogyt The benefits of using this type of application have a lot to do with our privacy, which is increasing because Google will not be monitored, it will also improve battery life, which is very important for older devices.

The microg for ogyt 2021 app was developed with the following components:

  • GMS Core Services: A library that provides a connection to those applications that require Google Play services or the Google Maps API.
  • GsfProxy: Google Cloud Messaging access tool.
  • UnifiedNlp: A library to provide geolocation of antennas or telephony antennas.
  • Map API: for applications that use the map service.
  • Phonesky: To access the Google Play Store and update applications.

In this case, downloading the microg mobile app for free with a direct link is necessary if you want to use apps like OGYouTube or YouTube Vans for example, which use the services provided by the company.

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