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Download the program not to retrieve deleted files We offer you today the iShredder 2021 program for Android that is distinguished in wiping various mobile data forever safely and ensuring that it is not retrieved again using any application to retrieve deleted data.

Introducing  iShredder application for Android

If you want to dispense with your phone these days or sell it, your files and data will be at risk, it has become easy to recover files deleted from the memory on mobile devices, those files that contain notes, passwords, address book, pictures, videos, calendars, etc.

iShredder app deletes all data, files, folders, photos, SMS (text messages), call logs, contacts, and more in a safe manner according to international standards, Safe Deletion of data is fully compliant with European Privacy Laws (GDPR).

Delete data in 3 easy steps and leave no trace of it

You may think that you have deleted those photos, data, and videos on your mobile phone, but I regret to tell you that anyone can recover those manually deleted files from the free space on your device, except for those data that have been deleted using the approved safe deletion algorithms represented by the iShredder app.

It only takes three simple steps to securely erase data using patented security measures, making it impossible to recover any deleted files.

  • Select the data to erase it.
  • Choose a safe deletion method.
  • The deletion process begins.
  • Download a program to prevent the recovery of deleted files.

Features of the iShredder application for Android

  • IShredder comes with powerful deletion algorithms like the DoD 5220.22-M E.
  • In order to sell or give away your device, you will need to make sure that all your personal files on the device have been deleted in a way that cannot be recovered, you can now sell or give away your
  • Android devices to someone else using the iShredder app, which will, in turn, destroy all existing files. It securely.
  • One of the advantages of the iShredder app for Android is the possibility to safely delete the entire sd card.
  • Safe deletion of data on installed devices such as external USB and hard drives.
  • After downloading ishredder 3 pros you will be able to securely delete all contacts, single contact, text messages, call logs … etc.
  • Delete SMS and various text messages.
  • iShredder app for Android does a safe cleaning of temporary data and cache.
  • iShredder app for Android also works to protect passwords.
  • iShredder app securely cleans temporary data and clears the cache of your device.
  • The great iShredder app securely deletes data and also makes deleted data unrecoverable in any way, protecting your data and files from falling into malicious hands.
  • iShredder app outperforms international standards used by governmental and military organizations in deleting files safely, it comes with a wide range of modern deletion algorithms that have been tried and proven reliable, and each algorithm has been analyzed by independent authorities and organizations to ensure that it really does what it says in Destroying data and ensuring that it is not recovered again in any way.

Download the iShredder app for Android

IShredder app is the most popular data erasing app that securely deletes data from your mobile phone, making it unrecoverable by using known deletion algorithms, it scans and cleanses unwanted files and even confidential files, and protects them from falling into malicious hands.

Now you can download the iShredder app for Android and protect your devices and data from theft, it is now possible to sell or replace your phone with peace of mind, and you are not afraid of stealing your old files, just click on the following download icon and protect yourself and your phone.

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Op. System: Android
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Developer: ProtectStar Inc.

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