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We always say that technology is a double-edged sword, and you alone decide how to use it. Today we will talk about a smartphone app which is an example. Touch program for children. An application is full of games and educational stories in Arabic. As much as it is very useful, but we must adjust the number of hours that our children use this program or other similar applications.

Touch features for children to download for free

The program in its fourth edition is really cool, and you will find the following advantages when using it:

  • lamsa 2021 program contains interactive games and stories to develop children’s skills.
  • Merging fun with learning.
  • Enrich your content every week.
  • Touch program for children with an attractive interface in terms of colors, graphics, and even music in the background. An interface that fits perfectly with children.
  • What distinguishes downloading the Touch for Children app for free is that it is designed to work without an internet connection. It is enough to connect the moment you download the application and the content you want for the first time.
  • Voice guidance feature to help young children to use it.
  • Possibility to cancel the soundtrack.
  • We provide you with a free download of touch software for Android with a direct link.
  • Touch app for Android includes a smart search tool, where you can search the content as a whole, or search within a specific section of the existing categories.
  • After downloading the Touch for Kids app for Android you will find that it is completely safe, as you can adjust it to suit the age of your child, and the young people themselves cannot change these settings.
  • Supports both Arabic and English.
  • You have two options, either monthly or yearly.
  • Subscriptions are inexpensive, so getting 100 stories is equal to one paper story!

Touch application for children use guide

  • We offer you to download lamsa program for Android for free by clicking on the link to download lamsa program for children available at the top of the page
  • You can make an account by phone number or Facebook account.
  • The program gives you a free trial period.
  • When browsing, you can easily access the content you want by using the search tool, or through the favorites list if you have added it to it, or through the download list if you have already downloaded it to your phone.

How to subscribe to the educational touch application for children

If you are a carrier for an Android device, here are the available subscription methods:

Via Google Play Store

Enter the application after downloading, then click on the crown icon in the top right of the screen, then choose to subscribe via Google Play. Then choose the subscription package with the special touch account you wish to purchase. Then activate the subscription through your own account on the Google Play Store.

Via mobile phone balance

Follow the same previous steps, but with a click on the mobile subscription next to the telecom company that you can pay with. Enter the mobile number and then click on the “Subscribe Now” option after writing the required information and confirmation. Do not close this page and wait for a message containing an activation code to be sent to you to fill it in the box that appeared automatically in front of you.

Via mobile service provider

This method is available if your service provider is from a touch partner. By sending a text message containing a specific code to the number of the service provider.

Content of lamsa educational program for children

The application is rich in content, you will find the following categories on the home page:

  • Educational videos.
  • Teaching colors and shapes.
  • Interactive games.
  • Interesting stories.
  • A touch kitchen with Manal Al-Alem.

Lamsa is a secure online community for the Arab child as it does not contain ads or links to external pages. It also suggests to your children the content that best suits them, according to the age group first, and according to the nature of the content most viewed by him as well. Every content in it is full of the benefit that it delivers to the child. If you have children from 2 years to 8 years, apply a touch that is right for them.

App Info

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Version: 4.26.0
Size: 39.64 MB
Package: com.ertiqa.lamsa
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: EducationApplication
Developer: Lamsa

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