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Would you like to watch world-famous channels in the fields of sports, news, documentaries, and others? You will not need to buy new satellite dishes! Just download the IPTV app and watch the free world channels on your Android phone. The program provides you with many lists of channels, and you have to provide a good speed internet and external video player such as VLC player, and we wish you the pleasure of watching.

IPTV Features for Android

This application does not contain lists of channels from among its content; You should search for the station list online, and IPTV offers many of these listings. You can get it from there. And now with the characteristics of the program:

  • You can watch the displayed channels in m3u or xspf format.
  • The application contains an archiving feature.
  • Control the way channels are displayed as a network, a menu, or others.
  • It supports the EPG feature in xmltv and jtv formats, which means displaying the daily channel broadcast program.

Characteristics of the IPTV pro version of the program

This version, as is evident from its name, is a paid version of the app, providing you with the following features:

  • It contains no promotional ads.
  • Automatically rebroadcast when the internet connection is suddenly interrupted (if the broadcast is in HTTP format only).
  • Autoplay option for the last opened channel.
  • Long-term archiving.

IPTV first use guide

There is no difficulty in tuning the program so that you can watch your favorite channels and programs. All you have to do is:

  • Add a new playlist.
  • Copy in the text format the channel you have chosen.
  • The channel will work immediately.
  • Resolve a broadcast interruption issue while watching channels via the IPTV app:

This problem could be due to

  • Slow your internet speed Then you should reduce the viewing quality to sd instead of HD or 4k.
  • Or that there is a lot of pressure on the server. Search for another channel link and watch through it.
  • We always recommend using the VPN software while using IPTV:

For the following reasons

  • Maintaining your privacy: Some channel files allow your device to be hacked. VPN prevents this as it makes your internet connection anonymous and thus also prevents communication companies from knowing the sites and videos you are visiting.
  • Some telecom companies prohibit the operation of IPTV, but with VPN you can bypass that ban.
  • VPNs can direct you to the channel’s less crowded server, which helps you get more quality and enjoyable viewing.
  • You can watch the banned channels in your country.

IPTV requirements

There are too many applications to watch TV channels over the Internet as the general trend today is to replace the Internet with anything else. But be careful! Many of these applications have a breach of your device, so we advise you to download those programs via Google Play and ensure that the program does not have any breach of your phone through the permissions required by you. IPTV is one of those secure applications where you can download it via the Play Store, and the permission requirements it requests are very logical, namely:

  • Access, modify, or delete the contents of external memory.
  • Full internet connection.

You can also prevent any of these requirements by adjusting the program.

After taking a tour with us on the IPTV program, which was written by Alexander Sofronov, which gives you the opportunity to make your Android phone work as a TV! It remains only to download it. We assure you that it is a reliable and highly-rated program.

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