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Download DV STATION TV = For Android

DV STATION TV is a tool that provides its news services to its visitors by displaying the contents of many media platforms such as TV channels and magazines as well as radio stations, in addition to the program was able to broadcast a lot of other content such as video and audio shows and satellite stations for children and women, and many more Which attracts a high interest from viewers from all over the world.

Download the app to watch matches on the phone

The DVD station TV application presents its materials through a main window that contains several sections as mentioned above, there is a news list, radio list, TV list, etc., and each section of these contains several channels that provide the viewer with a suitable follow-up service, whatever its age.

Download tv program apk

The application supports the Android operating system and many other systems, thus you can run the radio program on a Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, or other popular phones in the Arab world.

Other features in the application

  • The application is simple to deal with and does not require high phone capabilities, as it deals with advanced price category mobile phones, such as the other with low prices.
  • The app is low in size and does not consume phone resources like processor, RAM, and battery.
  • You can download the TV program directly from our website without going through troublesome pages and safely.
  • You can operate the headset instead of the regular speaker.
  • The app is completely free and supports fast browsing.
  • The satellite stations program for Android can be handled by children, women and the elderly without the need to see educational videos to facilitate its use.
  • The themes of the program dominate the dark colors, so as not to wear the eye from the frequent use.
  • You can operate the radio on the mobile phone in the background in parallel with the use of other programs and applications.

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Op. System: Android
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Developer: DROIDVELOP by AGT

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