Google Play services for Instant Apps

Google Play services for Instant Apps

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On all Android devices such as a smartphone or tablet, there is a centralized management of updates of all installed applications, as this processing is performed using a program that acts as an additional OS layer, we are talking about Google Play services.

Google Play services is the tool that acts as an intermediary between your applications and the online products offered by the search engine.

The tool that keeps your Android device up to date

When you download and install the APK app, it is the turn of the Google Play services app to make it better integrated with all OS features and all Google products; From maps to the app stores.

But this is not the only tool functionality, because it includes other functions such as syncing contacts, accessing the latest user privacy configuration, or speeding up offline searches.

Register your account data in one place

Google services are also a set of technologies developed to record your accounts data in one place. This way, all applications that require connection to some type of Google application have an integrated API at their disposal, and it is always automatically updated.

Several features of the Google Play services for Instant Apps

  • Another feature of Google Play services is that game developers can use the system to manage rankings online and also to save game data in the cloud. This way, if you have multiple devices, they will always be synced.
  • Google Play services must be installed silently and automatically on all devices with version 2.2 or higher, however, if the app is not yet installed on your device, you can get it here at kuegy.
  • A very easy-to-use application library is provided for each service, allowing users to implement their desired functions more easily and quickly.

Alerts about Google services

  • The app installs automatically, and by default it takes up little system space, however, depending on the number of apps that store data through Google Play services, the occupied space can easily exceed 25MB and cause problems for people with older devices.
  • Many basic Google applications, such as Gmail and Google+, require that Google Play services be installed, which limits the capabilities of the space-deficient tools.
  • If your users want to access the newly added features or applications, just upgrade to the new version of the library. However, an upgrade will not be necessary if you are not interested in new features or corrections.

App Info

Name: Google Play services for Instant Apps
Version: 6.17-release-389738031
Size: 6.34MB
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Google Inc.

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