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Google PDF viewer

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Download Google PDF viewer = For Android

Download google pdf viewer program for android free 2018 Google is always striving to make its best in your hands. Google’s PDF viewer is clear evidence of that. PDF is a file developed in the 1990s to provide documents, including text and image formatting, in a way that is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.

Many programmers strive to provide applications that make reading these types of files an enjoyable experience. PDF (portable document format) has become an indispensable tool for lawyers, HR managers, publishers, and the standard digital template for any important document.

Learn about the Google PDF Fior application

Download the pdf book reader program for Android: Google PDF viewer is one of those applications that allows you to view PDF files in a separate application and in high quality. Quickly view, print, search, and copy text from PDF files for free.

The app was originally created for use in the context of the Android for work program.

Download the electronic book reader program pdf Arabic It is worth noting that the application is not downloaded as an icon on your phone, but you find the application when you open the PDF file, and therefore it occupies negligible space on smart devices running the Android operating system such as the phone or tablet, and this is useful Also when access to the data package is intermittent, for example, or when dealing with confidential documents that you may not want to work on the Internet.

About the application

Download the pdf reader app for Android: Usually, you can find all the features that this application offers directly on Google Drive, and Drive has got new updates constantly and it carries great benefits and therefore the main goal of the PDF viewer application is to provide an option when Google Drive is not available on a device Your Android. This app is completely independent of the Drive app, so you’ll find it on most devices.

  • Light application and very easy to use.
  • Android 4.0 or higher required.
  • It can handle PDFs of almost any size.

Download the pdf program for Android mobile, the application allows you to share the file with your friends via WhatsApp, Gmail, Android beam, Bluetooth, or other applications.

If you encounter a problem during use, you can send a report to Google by clicking report a problem and a screenshot can be attached to your message as desired. Some account and system information will also be sent to know technical problems and provide you with a better service.

Download the e-book reader program for mobile The application also has the feature to search for words inside the file, and it shaders them for you to facilitate access to them. The search bar takes up little space on top, the on-screen keyboard takes the bottom, and the middle third of the screen displays results in the same PDF. Remove the search bar, and the app returns smoothly to how it appeared before. You can also enlarge a portion of the file while reading.


  • Of course, it’s fast.
  • Designed to fit the phone’s landscape and portrait mode.
  • Designed with superior quality.


The application is very clear its purpose from the moment it was downloaded. Hence, it is important not to expect anything more than an application that displays PDFs, and it does so well.

There is no shading tool, as this will mean editing and saving the document, and this is not the app that was created for.

Download it now and join over 100 million users who have previously downloaded it from Google play within two years of its release in 2015. Download and judge it after using it and compare it to other applications for the same purpose such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, AnDoc, CamScanner, DocuSign, ezPDF, and many other popular applications.

App Info

Name: Google PDF viewer
Version: 2.19.381.03.40
Size: 6.91MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Google Inc.

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