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Name Design Home
Author Crowdstar Inc
Category 3D Modeling
System android
License Free
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App: Design Home

It is really cool to be able to design a room by putting all the furniture and putting all the decorations without spending a penny, Design Home is an app to get the best interior design, where you will have to put the room in front of others as if it really is.

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It is one of the most surprising aspects of this app in a 3D environment that all the furniture and things look real, if you click on the “Information” tab, you can discover different types of data and their origin.

If you can spend your life dreaming of a unique interior design, you can now make your dreams come true with this amazing 3D experience.

How to design a home on the phone?

The first thing you need to do is download the APK file on Android, then log in with your Facebook account to access from any device, whether your phone or tablet, then decorate each room with some symbols that refer to the furniture, and put each piece in the place you see fit This is the least of the program, for more information, download the Home Design App apk.

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