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Clean Master for Android is one of the easiest applications in terms of use, which helps to boost the speed of your phone on Android, the program enhances the performance of the phone by removing unwanted content.

A special version of the Clean Master app has been provided for iPhone devices, but the version for Android phones has a deeper level of customization and control which is why Clean Master on Android has additional features compared to iOS.


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How the Clean Master app works

When apps are uninstalled, they usually leave some files that use unnecessary space called junk files.

There are also a lot of applications that consume unnecessary space with their temporary files, temporary files are useful and need some time, but these files can accumulate over time and then cause storage problems.

The applications are constantly creating new temporary files, these files help the applications to do what you need, it is not bad to have some unwanted files on your phone, but it should not fill the storage space of your phone.

Clean Master checks regularly to see if you want to clean these files or not, and this is one of the ways that the application speeds up the performance of the program.

Clean Master app download features

  • Clean Master has a tool that helps separate duplicate photos if you have a lot of similar pictures.
  • Download clean master program for Android latest version 2019 Clean Master helps free up your storage space by removing unwanted files and cache files that slow down your phone.
  • Clean Master Antivirus also works on your phone, in addition to another great feature which is its ability to alert you when detecting fake Wi-Fi networks that are only set up to steal your data.
  • Download the clean master program for Android with a direct link, the application can also hide your photos and encrypt them so that no one other than you can access them.
  • Clean Master also has the ability to speed up your phone by freeing RAM.
  • The last feature is that it provides battery charging, which extends battery life by preventing apps from running in the background.
  • Clean Master can delete cache files on demand or according to schedule.
  • The application also comes with Anti-Virus, which may be an additional advantage, and although this part of the application is considered an anti-virus program, and it is not bad in itself, it is also not the best in this category, it comes behind programs The best Android antivirus, some paid like BitDefender, some free like Norton and Avast, all offer more features than Clean Master which lacks some features like call blocking, controls and more, but this is because it is not a security app.

Download Clean Master for Android

Clean Master is a cleaning application available on Android, which monitors and cleans your Android device from files that may consume space on it, usually, these files are the cache files that the system and other applications use.

Cleaning apps like Clean Master also monitor any other apps that may block your phone’s memory and thus slow down your device. Cleaning apps in general not only speed up Android devices, but also protect them from viruses and other malware, and among all Android applications help with this Category, Clean Master is one of the most popular applications.

App Info

Name: Clean Master
Version: 7.5.3
Size: 23.02MB
Package: com.cleanmaster.mguard
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Cheetah Mobile

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