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Chemik is an app used to recognize the periodic table of elements and compounds as well as chemical reactions, it contains names, formulas, and many functions for more than 1500 chemical compounds, and shows chemical reaction products to more than 2000 reactions and balances them instantly.

Available options for chemical compounds include structural formula, summary formula, dissociation, atomic composition, percentage concentration, molar concentration.

One of the features of downloading chemik app for Android

  • Downloading the chemik 2021 application gives the user a game to search for items in the periodic table! It will be useful for anyone who loves chemistry or is learning it, released for Android mobile devices.
  • The main chemist screen shows us the periodic table of elements: symbols and atomic numbers. After clicking on the element, it will be used in the chemical equation, however, after holding the element we will learn its name and atomic mass.
  • The 2021 chemik app for Android is great because you can learn a lot from it, even if the chemistry is not a major concern: After choosing the “more” function, we will go to a separate information page, where the item description will be, including its use, access, or date of discovery.
  • After downloading the chemik program for android for free with a direct link 2021 you will find that the element information page contains a total of 4 tabs, in addition to general start information, it also provides sections on the electronic pulse, information about the atom, and the structure of the atom.
  • It is possible to log into the game via a Google+ account, so you can maintain your best score and compete with other users/players.

App Info

Name: chemik
Version: 3.8
Size: 8.69MB
Package: com.bk.advance.chemik
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Chemik

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