Buttons remapper

Buttons remapper

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Buttons Remapper is an Android app that allows you to reset the buttons on your device, the remap feature sets different functions for each of the icons.

With the app, you can add up to two features to each physical button on your device according to one-time interactions or hold down.

After selecting the button you want to change, you need to choose from a pre-defined list or manually add what action to take. Among the options: open applications, back, Home function, flashlight operation, volume increase or decrease, and more.

The app automatically detects the physical icons in your device, so you only need to find the name of the button in the app menu, add a new action,

Be aware that virtual system buttons do not allow modification of their functionality.

App Info

Name: Buttons remapper
Version: 1.22.1
Size: 8.83 MB
Package: com.irishin.buttonsremapper
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Irishin

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