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Downloading the Arabic keyboard for free on the computer Teclado Virtual Gratuito Sometimes it happens with a lot of computer users, a sudden failure of the keyboard, whether in some keys or the keyboard stops completely, and this problem impedes work on the computer significantly.

The size of the suffering varies from person to person, as there are many people who do their important and necessary work and suddenly a problem with the keyboard breakdown occurs, and this problem causes them a catastrophe in their work. Everything in the computer needs to use the keyboard.

Also, there are a large number of personal computer users who do not prefer using the traditional keyboard, there are some who find that working on the traditional keyboard is somewhat cumbersome, and there are others who find it difficult to move between the Kibbutz keys or in the search for specific letters or symbols.

Free, easy-to-use, multilingual, lightweight, and free virtual keyboard!

Alternative keyboard

The free virtual keyboard 2019 Teclado Virtual Gratuito is the best solution for millions of people around the world, as the free multi-language Arabic keyboard replaces the regular keyboard that came with your computer, it displays the keyboard on the computer screen and you can use it with ease Mouse path.

Multiform keyboard

Also, the new virtual keyboard provides you with many forms of the keyboard, these shapes are very cool and beautiful, you can choose the comfortable shape for you, as it allows you to switch between different shapes from time to time, and you will feel pleasure while using this new keyboard.

All operating systems support

The free virtual keyboard 2021 works on all versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10, … and other various operating systems. This amazing keyboard also supports all computer screens that Touch. The 2017 Teclado Virtual Gratuito virtual keyboard supports most modern smartphone types.

Writing speed

The ability to write on the new panel is done at a high speed, but this will feel when you get used to writing on this new virtual board, so if you waste a lot of time answering emails or taking notes on your personal computer or your laptop With you, or you really don’t like the keyboard the phone offers, Teclado Virtual Gratuito Keyboard will find everything you were looking for. The Arabic virtual keyboard has large keys, which makes typing much easier with your fingertips.

How to deal with the new virtual keyboard 2020

Change keyboard size, color, and transparency

Download the virtual keyboard You can change the size of the keyboard, color, and transparency easily and with ease and with a few clicks, as it is specially designed to facilitate you a lot of boring steps, you will notice that in full-screen mode, the default keyboard size is automatically changed to fit the size of your display, This means that in this mode you will not need to change the size of the keyboard completely, because you will notice that the automatic scaling works in all directions, a very useful feature that was not usually provided by other virtual keyboards.

Auto repeat function

The auto-repeat function (repeating the same letter or symbol when pressing the key continuously) is enabled by default, so if you want to repeat a letter or symbol more than once, long-press it and leave it when you repeat the number of repetitions enough for you, and this instead of pressing and then Leave and then press …. etc.

Run the program on all devices

The free virtual keyboard is a fully portable application, which means that you can store it on flash and use it on any device very easily and run it directly from this device. This way, the interactive keyboard will always be with you.
The settings are stored in the FreeVK.ini file located in the program’s installation folder, then the settings will be stored in the registry automatically. download Teclado Virtual Gratuito

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Version: 5.0
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Op. System: Windows
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Developer: Comfort Sofware

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