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Download SunsetScreen = For PC 2024

SunsetScreen is one of the important programs any computer needs because it controls screen illumination and in this report, we will talk in detail about SunsetScreen so follow us.

What is 2021 SunsetScreen?

It is a program that controls both the lighting and the colors of the computer screen according to the time that it works, and it gives you complete control of the lighting and colors, which helps in maintaining the look of the difference in lighting and the blue color that causes poor eyesight in dark places, as scientists have proven that the bright display and blue light switched Without producing melatonin, which is a substance responsible for our good night sleep. That is, it can be said that you are adding automatic lighting to your computer like the one on your mobile phone.

SunsetScreen Download Features

First: Sync the brightness of the computer screen and colors with the time of your evening work, that is, you can program the program on the date of the sun’s brightness, and even by that you set the program with your morning work schedule and a high degree of brightness, and at work times in the evening you can adjust the screen brightness with a low degree and the screen colors for the program after that transfer Automatically after that without your intervention

Second: The program offers you many different modes in terms of brightness and color tones which are pre-programmed positions only you can choose from, which makes it easier for you to program the program with your daily work program.

Third: The program opens automatically with the start of the Windows version, meaning that you do not have to open the program every time.

Fourth: The program offers you a wonderful free trial, free of charge.

Fifth: The program site provides you with full support for the program and a special page for direct support, regarding the program’s installation and programming of settings.

Sixth: SunsetScreen 2021 to protect the eyes from harmful computer rays offers you the ability to return the settings to the default mode, i.e. in the event of errors or unwanted changes only, you can return the program to its default mode with one click.

Seventh: The program is compatible with computers and all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Eighth: The program offers you the advantage of choosing between the two regular versions that you can install on your computer completely and the portable version that can be run without installing.

Ninth: The size of the program is very small, because the program space does not exceed 3MB, which makes the program very fast.

How SunsetScreen works

The program offers a beautiful and simple interface, which makes dealing with it easy and simple only. Whoever encounters the program, you first set the date of sunrise and sunset date, then choose the degree of lighting and colors appropriate for you, mark the choice of operating with the launch of Windows, and indicate the choice of operation so that the program begins to work simply

App Info

Name: SunsetScreen
Version: 1.37
Size: 3.2 MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Daniel White

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