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Download Selfishnet = For PC 2024

Download the Selfishnet 2021 program, selfishnet is the most popular and best program to reveal most of the information about Internet connection on computers running Windows.

The program works on most computer versions starting with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, and it is a free program that was first issued in 2007 and has continued until now without further development with every version of Windows.

Selfishnet work tasks

  • Selfishnet determines the internet speed for all network users.
  • The program blocks malicious software on the network.
  • It prevents any device connected to the network from getting faster than other devices.
  • Selfishnet prevents devices connected to the same network from getting a greater percentage of the internet data size available to the rest of the devices.
  • With the Internet speed division program, you can display all devices connected to the router in one screen with all of their information, such as a MAC address as well as an IP.
  • The new speeds in Egypt determined by the WE company have become strong and unprecedented, which makes the monthly package consumed in a short time, and to solve this problem you only need to limit the speed of the Internet with the Selfish net program.

Selfishnet features

  • The program for determining the internet speed from the new te data selfishnet router is the best program for all internet users sharing together in one router, as it is useful in regulating the internet speed between the participants and each other.
  • The number of callers on the router may reach an imaginary number that may consume the monthly internet package to be used in less than a week. With Selfishnet download for Windows 10, 7, or 8, you can disable all devices that withdraw your gigabytes.
  • Knowing the IB number for devices that operate over the same Internet.
  • The program can be used without any softening or additional computer space.
  • Selfishnet is a free program that does not require any purchases.
  • We also provide you with download selfishnet 2021 software with an explanation.
  • The program can work with most versions of Windows currently available to work for users, starting with Windows XP and ending with support from Microsoft, so you can download the Windows 7 program until the last version.
  • You can also download the Silve Net Net for Windows 2021 program for free without paying any fees. This is through the section Download 2021 free software programs.
  • Silventure has a high ability to limit the speed of the Internet when any device communicates with you, whether or not it is permitted.
  • The selfishnet program has only one version, which is the first and last version of it so far, but that version works across all Windows computers and laptops.
  • selfishnet
  • We also provide you through the Koiji Soft website to download the full selfishnet program for the computer for free with a direct link.
  • The program is easy and simple, as it can be used easily without complication and without the need for great knowledge of hardware or operating systems.
  • The program can disconnect the Internet from any of the network participants if he tries to get more speed than his right.
  • After downloading selfishnet 2020, you can easily define and divide the Internet speed.

How to install Selfishnet?

Selfishnet must be downloaded from any location of the famous Windows programs and saved in its own file in any location on the computer that can be accessed quickly.

After saving the files, the program itself must be opened and it will be called SelfishNet.exe. The program opens with two clicks with the mouse in versions prior to Windows 7, and newer versions must be opened by pressing the “Click North” mouse and choosing Run as Administrator to run the program.

If the program does not run normally when you open it and you see a problem registering the driver or problem installing the driver’s message, you must install WinPcap and then restart Silvsh Net.

After opening the program, the main window of the program appears, and the internet user is selected, as well as the internet speed for each device connected to the same network.

Dividing the internet speed from the router

And through the Selfishnet program, it can control a number of things including “knowing all the devices connected to the same network to determine the intruders, the internet speed used for each device in the download, the internet speed used for each device in the upload, knowing the ID number of the device” IP “, knowing the Mac Address for each Networked device. “

Notes on Selfishnet

  • On most Windows desktop download sites, compressed files are available, so you must have decompressors such as “WinRAR” to decompress the program file after downloading it.
  • When the computer refuses to open the program and its files, it could be because there is a strong anti-virus to prevent downloading the file, or a strong firewall that prevents the program from working.
  • The operating system that your device is running on must include Net Framework 3.5 or later which is included for recent versions of Windows and can be downloaded for older versions.
  • In some cases, the data speed limiting program for devices connected to the te data 2021 Selfishnet router does not accept the opening on certain devices, where error messages appear the first time after downloading the program and trying to open it, and to solve this problem you must download and run WinPcap while the Selfishnet program is closed and then after the installation is done Open it again.
  • Whether you use a phone, laptop or desktop computer, you can exclude your devices from limiting speed.
  • You can easily adjust between connected devices using the Selfishnet Windows 7 speed-limiting software.

App Info

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Version: 2021
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Op. System: Windows
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Developer: Selfishnet

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