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OBS Studio

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OBS Studio

OBS Studio 2021 is one of the free programs for direct broadcasting, as some of us need free programs to record a live broadcast on Facebook, whether it is a game, a game, or even a video recorded on your device. OBS Studio contains many features besides that it is free, which makes it one of the best programs Live broadcast free.

How to use OBS Studio and make a live broadcast on Facebook:

OBS Studio 2021 explained:

  • First: You go to the bottom of the page and then click on the link to download the full obs studio program for free
  • Second: You can install OBS studio 2021 program and open it and press the sting word. A window will appear for you to choose the word Stream. You will see empty settings such as the server link and the broadcast key that you will get from Facebook, the username and password for your Facebook account.
  • Third: You go to Facebook and then to the add a post window and click on the word video live broadcast then choose to create a broadcast from an external device that will show you the server link and the broadcast key you put them in the program Opus Studio.
  • Fourth: You finally return to the main page of the program and click right-click. A window will appear, from which you can choose the word add, then choose what you want to broadcast, then you will set the broadcast settings and the broadcast will start working at your internet speed.

App Info

Name: OBS Studio
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: Jim

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