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Microsoft Photo Story

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2021 Microsoft Photo Story is a free Windows program that lets you create audio-visual presentations from your photos and photos.You can quickly crop, rotate, and edit photos;Microsoft Photo Story saves your presentations as WMV files that you can run on your computer or convert using a third-party video adapter.The final files can be small enough to be sent via email as well.Many Windows users already have, those who cannot download it, install it or fix the current installation, if necessary.We looked at the latest version, Photo Story 3.

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Microsoft Photo Story 2021 for pc starts with a processor that offers three options: start a new story, edit a project, or run a story.With no stories to edit or run, we started with the first option.However, in the bottom left corner of the program window there is a small help button that opens a fairly large help file that many users may prefer as a starting point because it explains each step and also offers extras such as tips, tricks and access options for individuals with disabilities, and a glossary.Anyway, the software wizard makes every step easy even for beginners.

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microsoft photostory 3 for windows 10.The main window displays selected images and allows us to crop and rotate them, correct color and red eye levels, and apply a variety of visual effects from the drop-down menu.The automatic repair feature automatically corrects the color, contrast and red eye as well.Photo Story offers a lot of tips, such as telling us that removing black borders from our photos using the Remove Black Borders tool will improve their on-screen appearance.The selection tool ensures that the right part of your image is retained.We added text, sarda and music and saved our project with a lot of playing options.

Photo Story 3 presentations are great for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.With a little time and effort, this amazingly versatile tool can tell all kinds of stories.It's a hidden gem in Windows.

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Developer: Microsoft Co.

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