Mars Simulation Project

Mars Simulation Project

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2021 Mars Simulation Project is a free educational program that shows the daily life of future Mars settlements, in a simulated style that allows the user to manage nearly every aspect of their work.

Download Mars Simulation Project for PC for free, with a direct link in the latest version 2020

In addition to defining the simulation’s primary parameters, such as the location and size of individual colony facilities on the surface of the Red Planet, the main user tasks include the following:

  • You can download the 2021 Mars Simulation Project, To create New Buildings and Structures.
  • Take care of the machines’ technical condition.
  • Send research and mining missions, assigning tasks to scientists and employees.
  • It requested food supplies and supplies, and moved the new colonists from the land.
  • Supervising the progress of scientific research.
  • Exchange of raw materials and technologies between individual bases.
  • Monitor the personal and social relations between the residents of the settlements and take care of their physical conditions.
  • Improving the skills of individual settlers.

Features of Mars Simulation Project free download

  • This simulated project – Mars – is striking, despite its technical simplicity, thanks to its wealth of functions and capabilities.
  • The user-friendly Mars Simulation Project 2021 educational download offers comprehensive mechanisms to operate Mars colonies, and multifunctional monitoring tools allow you to view entire database activity in real time.
  • Mars Simulation is sure to appeal to all fans of colonizing other planets and fans of complex simulation games.
  • Driver requires Java Runtime Environment version 6.10 or higher to run.

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