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Download Hotspot shield = For PC 2024

Download Hotspot Shield for free with an Arabic direct link to the computer 2019 Recently, there have been many cases of hacking on the Internet, and many cases of information fraud, information theft, and eavesdropping are at the highest levels, it is necessary to find a solution that works to protect our information and data that we send.

Therefore, it is imperative that you take all measures to protect this information with your computer, and for this reason, we chose to offer you the Hotspot shield program, which is one of the best programs that can not be dispensed with on any computer because it performs unparalleled protection for the computer. So we provide a free download of Hotspot Shield for free.

Introducing Hotspot shield

Hotspot shield is one of the most important programs that must be installed on computers, so we offer you to download the Hotspot Shield 2019 program, it not only provides protection for the computer, but also provides you with the ability to enter blocked sites by breaking the protection of those sites, it is considered one of the most appropriate solutions So.

Hotspot shield free download 2020

Download the hotspot shield launch program to open the blocked sites. Hotspot shield works to fully encrypt the incoming and outgoing information to and from the computer, and the Hotspot shield program creates a virtual network through the network server.

How Hotspot shield works

You can download the hotspot program for free with a direct link to the computer. After installing the program on your device and running it, Hotspot Shield creates a virtual network between the device and one of the network servers, after successful connection completion. The program also performs the protection process by encrypting all the information that is passed through the Internet.

Of course, that information is encrypted before transmission, and not only that, but also the information received is encrypted as well, thus it is not possible for anyone to eavesdrop on this information exchanged, not even the network administrator.

Hotspot shield features

  • Download Hotspot Shield for the computer, Hotspot shield program has a wide reputation around the world, especially in some countries where access to some sites is prohibited.
  • Hotspot shield works in several languages ​​the user can choose from.
  • The program’s interface is easy and can be dealt with even if the user is a beginner.
  • Hotspot shield supports the protection of passwords entered on social networking sites, for example.
  • Hotspot shield is easy to use and does not require much experience, as well as its distinctive and simple interface. Many people are looking to download a program to open blocked sites for free. Arabic for computers, but they have found no better.
  • The program is not free, but Hotspot shield works on all operating systems and computers, regardless of its specifications.
  • Protection against hackers when using unprotected public points.
  • The service provides a temporary IP address, and provides real protection.
  • The tool automatically activates VPN network access when connecting to wi-fi access points in public places.
  • The user’s personal information only passes through secure https.
  • The connection speed and stability are faster than most analog devices, while all incoming and outgoing packets are encrypted.
  • Hotspot shield works to fully encrypt the incoming and outgoing information to and from the computer where the Hotspot shield is installed.
  • We also provide for you, free download an Arabic hotspot program, in order to ensure the ease of use of the program for Arabic speakers.
  • Hotspot shield supports information encryption between computers and smartphones, and as a result, any VPN application will be covered by security, security, and strength of networks.
  • Hotspot shield protects the Internet from cybercriminals, hackers, and data thieves. Of course, your home network can be completely unsafe.
  • Hotspot shield helps you avoid Internet monitors and thieves by providing a cover that prevents your device’s IP from appearing or knowing anyone is online.
  • Download the hotspot shield 2018 program. One of the features provided by the new Hotspot shield is access to services for watching videos such as YouTube.
  • You can also open a hotspot shield launcher
  • Downloading the free hotspot program secures your access to all sites without being subject to any censorship.
  • Ensure security when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • For protection, the HTTP Secure (HTTPS) protocol is used, which allows you to maintain your privacy and anonymity when using insecure access points.
  • In particular, it is used to bypass the “Great Chinese Firewall” and access sites that are only accessible from some countries.
  • Hotspot Shield creates a virtual VPN between the user’s computer and the hotspot, as it encrypts all incoming and outgoing packets.
  • Automatic selection of the optimal server for communication.

Important notes

  • During the installation of the program, the user is offered an additional toolbar (can be disabled), which is not necessary to run Hotspot Shield.
  • Warning: When using the free version of Hotspot Shield, additional ads are shown on each page of the displayed web resources.


Download the Hotspot 2021 program, then it can be considered that the Hotspot shield program is one of the easiest and best programs dedicated to the protection, as the browser is considered the most secure, and it is very necessary to have a program that protects all the information that is transferred from our devices via the Internet or receive it over the network.

Hotspot shield program provides great protection for this information and prevents fraudsters from eavesdropping on data, as it works to open blocked sites allowing all Hotspot shield users to access all sites.

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