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Download BackupMaker = For PC 2024

BackupMaker 2021 Although a mobile phone is a stable device, no electronic component is 100% hassle free, it is not uncommon for your phone’s external or internal memory to crash, putting all the information it stored at risk. To prevent such situations, it is recommended to make regular backups on your Android device.

Download a free back-up program for the computer with a direct link in the latest version of 2020

BackUp Maker is an easy and complete solution for you to ensure everything is on your phone

About Download 2021 Backups

Backup Maker It is a high program because it does not make backups except when you open the program, on the contrary, you can schedule the activity at regular intervals.

The user selects conditions and saves their content at the slightest change to the hard drive. Start by scheduling a new process, for that, click on the Backup option in the main program window.

Many features about downloading Backup Maker for PC

  • When creating a new task, the user chooses between the simplified mode and the complete mode.
  • Data selection: Choose the files and folders you want to save during backup.
  • Execution Interval: User specifies the interval between backups, every 5 minutes, once per day, monthly or otherwise.
  • Backup type: Decide if you want to save everything or just the changes made to the content.
  • Destination directory: Choose the directory in which the copy will be made. Media or removable disks and network locations can be used.
  • Backup name: Assign a name to the created file. User can create groups and separate their activities into folders.
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