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Download Audacity = For PC 2024

Download audacity software for a computer for free 2019 Our program today is Audacity, which is a free open source program that is used for the purpose of processing digital voices, and recording sound via the microphone, it makes many changes to sounds through the effects on the recorded sounds, such as amplifying it and adding echo and many of the effects that make the recording experience The most beautiful and most professional.

General information about Audacity

The Audacity voice recording program was created by Dominic Mazzoni, a former engineer at NASA who currently works with Google. Audacity has developed a project for nearly 20 developers and thirty translators. The first version of the program was released in 2000 To the latest version of the program in 2020, where the number is 2.2.2, the program was built according to the programming language c ++ and c #, Audacity application works on all operating systems, Windows, Mac.

Audacity Features

  • Audacity is easy to use, all users of this program need is a microphone to record sound.
  • Audacity has an easy to use interface for recording sounds and requires no complicated steps.
  • Among the features that Audacity offers is the voice acting feature, which is used in the most famous projects implemented in microservices sites such as Five and Pfeiffer for freelance work.
  • We also offer you to download audacity 2018 through this article
  • Available in Arabic, where you can download an Arabic audacity program from
  • Audacity helps its users to record audiobooks and save them in any format, as several audiobook websites recommend browsers to use Audacity to record books.
  • You will be able to manipulate audio files freely after downloading audacity montage and adding sound effects.
  • Audacity can be used to record lectures and explanations, although there are a number of programs that record the sound with the image at the same time, people who record lessons and lectures on YouTube use programs that reduce noise and add more clarity to the recorded sounds, so we provide you with a download Audacity for the computer as Audacity allows you to do this better.
  • Audacity maintains all saved audio files even if a problem occurs that leads to the deletion of the program. When downloading a new version of it, the previously recorded audio files will be returned.

Download and install Audacity software

  • It is very easy to download the Audacity setup file, by clicking on the download icon below this text, the program will start downloading, then wait a little while the download ends, after that we must search the list of downloaded files, to find the installation file.
  • We open the file and search for the install icon, by clicking on the install icon, the program will ask you for the installation permission, then accept and click on Next, agree to the terms and specify the location of the program installation and clicking on the next will start the installation, within moments the program will become on the desktop.
  • By clicking on the program icon, the program will start working directly, you must adjust the settings by clicking on Edit and then check the available options and modify them to suit the work to be done.
  • If you are using a laptop computer, it is possible to record sound via the internal microphone on the computer, but it will not be the same quality as a recording if the recording is through the external microphone, but the type of microphone used must be set by entering the recording devices.
  • If the microphone is USB type, it must be connected before running the program in order for Audacity to recognize it directly, or you can follow the previous steps, and if the microphone type is different, you should choose an analog setting.


Download Audacity for free, which is one of the most powerful programs for recording and modifying sounds, and works with all audio formats, distinguished by a simple interface to use, in which many features that help users to record sounds with the best quality, the program enables users to fully control the work on this program Through the computer keyboard, the specialists will find in Audacity the best jobs that help them get their work done.

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