When it comes to designing and building infrastructure, architects and engineers need advanced..

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Developer graphisoft
Version 23.7005-1.2

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When it comes to designing and building infrastructure, architects and engineers need advanced tools that make their goals possible, the whole process until the completion of the project is a long way to go, from project construction, defining the required steps, to implementation, CAD design applications such as ArchiCAD play a role Great for this part of the project.

Download ArchiCAD 2021 computer for free

  • The ArchiCAD program provides an integrated environment for the design and development of plans for building projects.
  • Archicad Downloader supports the library and facilities management system.
  • Manage all the materials used and their features as they allow the use of GDL smart object technology.
  • ArchiCAD 2021 includes a BIM server created by Graphisoft, which aims to control access to resources in the group using the privileges granted.
  • Workgroup in real-time with the rest of the team.
  • Archicad also has the ability to export and import files in DWG, DXF, and PDF formats.

The pioneer of new technologies: BIM

  • Modeling Information Building (BIM) is a technology that is able to generate data and documents based on a model, and avoid wasting time and resources.
  • When it comes to Engineering, Engineering, and Building (AEC), BIM technology is almost essential these days if we are to be competitors, and ArchiCAD meets these requirements.

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