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3D Max is one of the most popular 3D design programs and is produced by the leading company in this field Autodesk, the program provides the appropriate work environment through which the designer can design things exactly as he imagines, these things may be cars or Buildings or anything that may come to mind.

Why this program caused a stir in the field of design?

Download 3D Design program The program offers a set of tools through which the designer can modify these images that he converted from imagination to reality with some frills in the final stage such as lighting and other external influences, which makes it seem as if it is completely realistic, which explains the fact that This unique program is included in the sci-fi, cartoon, and montage industries in general, as well as other uses in engineering, office and home designs.

3D Max 2020

Download photo editing software 2019; Moreover, this program helps its users in creating huge worlds of games with their fine details and different environments, through which they can move characters and photograph scenes that contain a lot of people, and the program also provides an opportunity to simulate the physical properties of liquids including water, oil, and others.

The program also has animation control units that the user can create, modify, and even share, and everything that the user moves is controlled by the program, and the controllers help move sharps and are used in complex movements, 3d max allows the user to link all these things together in an integrated environment through which they can all be moved at once, which simplifies the animation process.

3D Max for interior design

Download the photo editing program and write it on it for the computer for free, the program contains another great feature, which is the three-dimensional display and this feature that will simulate the settings of the real camera, in addition to that the program provides a three-dimensional library that helps users to choose what they want for a three-dimensional experience Successful, as users will be able to create and animate geometric shapes in various ways, as well as apply surface and mesh models.

The program also has a workflow feature; Through this feature, 3d max users can convert scenes that contain lights, materials, and objects to other more advanced and advanced, and through this feature, users will be able to apply a huge amount of other display features such as environment, material properties, and smallest details, and they will have the ability to transfer materials Objects and light between display engines are flexible and easy, allowing them to convert only what they want and not the other.

Download the professional 3d max photo editing program, 3d max also contains a tool called Material Editor, and this tool allows users to create materials and maps and modify them in different scenes, and thus they have the ability to create that appears clearly in fine details such as reflections And other visual effects that they assign to different materials with the help of the program.

An overview of the program’s features

  • 3D animation.
  • General animation tools.
  • Various tracks of movement.
  • 3D view.
  • Physical camera.
  • Enhanced shadow width.
  • Effects of material flow.
  • Turn the scene.
  • 3D library.
  • User interface.
  • Retinal and surface modeling.
  • Installation and construction.
  • Hair and modified fur.
  • Modify things and set texture.
  • Simple data simulation.

The device required to run the program

Download and modify the free image editing program in Arabic. The program works on Windows and Mac systems as it works on the web, but in order to install this program you must have a computer with somewhat high specifications; It must be characterized by the speed, high screen card, and memory capacity, and this is the case of other modern design programs that need a device with high specifications.

But it must be noted that the free version of the program only supports limited features from the previously mentioned, but the paid version of the program supports most of these features.

App Info

Name: 3D Max
Version: 2023
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: DesignApplication
Developer: autodesk

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