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Imagine, the iPhone app could instantly translate written text between different languages, it looked like science fiction, but the free Word Lens app does just that, we dazzled Word Lens in 2010, and now Google has purchased the purchase of developer Visual Quest, and as a result, Therefore, Word Lens is now free, and language packs that were previously sold within the app are now free.

Introducing Word Lens app for iPhone

If you are traveling to a foreign country and you are not 100% familiar with the language of this country, reading and searching for traffic, general signs and road signs in the translation app or in a physical dictionary can be very tedious and slow, Word Lens for iPhone can solve this problem by allowing you to use the iPhone’s camera to take pictures of those signs, then translate it in a few seconds simultaneous translation.

Once you choose the language you want to translate into, all you have to do is keep the camera pointed at the image and it will translate it for you right away, and you can even take a picture of the translation and share it, and the best part of all is that you don’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi to work Application.

Features of downloading Word Lens app for iPhone

  • Live translation via the Word Lines app for iPhone makes it easy to translate road signs and traffic lights on the go and travel.
  • The biggest advantage of the application is the high accuracy of the translations.
  • Searching with Word Lens is much easier than searching for words in an app like Google Translate.
  • No internet connection required for translation with Word Lens app.
  • Word Lens for iPhone currently supports some different languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, and German.
  • Word Lens directly translates the pictorials, just point the phone’s camera to a sign, book, or any words written in a foreign language, and the text will appear in English on the phone screen, in the same line and in the same position, and even on the same background.
  • Word Lens can also prove to be a valuable tool for an English language learner who is struggling to understand the keywords, this app is a great way to make the child feel more confident in an environment in which he or she does not know the language, and interpretation is a great way to build his vocabulary.
  • Integrated Word lens
  • All you have to do for translation is to click on the camera button in the translation, and indicate the text to be translated, as the translation appears on your screen within seconds, there is no need to take a picture and move your finger across the text to clarify it, as you should have done with previous versions of the translation apps.
  • Word Lens for the iPhone is available for Android and iOS.
  • New features include Word Lens integration for automatic translation of text on street signs or menus and other printed items, and the new Google Translate app also adds improved real-time conversation translation.

Download Word Lens app for iPhone 2020

There are a large number of translation apps available in the App Store for iPhone, but Word Lens is unique. Because it allows you to translate the live broadcast without a job from you, but adding more language packs will be welcome and will increase the strength of the application, and Google says that the new update of the application will transform your mobile device into a more powerful translation tool.

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