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Sound Cloud is a social music platform similar to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter but dedicated to music and audiophiles everywhere, where anyone can use it to share different music and audios and listen for free.

The Sound Cloud app has come a long way since its creation in August 2007 and after its official launch in October 2009 by its Swedish founders Alexander Leung and Eric Wolfors, in May 2010 the developers of the app announced that they had a million users for the app, and then rose to 5 million registered users in 2011, So it is not surprising that Sound Cloud threatens Myspace’s era in the music industry.

Log in to SoundCloud app

The Sound Cloud app is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices, and you can also use it by entering the official website of the application via the browser of the computer you are using, if you do not have an account already on the SoundCloud platform, you will have to create a new account before you can start using it, You can create an account for free by signing up via Facebook, Google+, or via email.

Best way to use the SoundCloud app for iPhone

The app can be used as you wish, but here are three main ways that you can really benefit from it:

  1. Follow the users you love to discover the new music they are viewing: When you click on the username, you will be taken to his profile to see what he is posting from the music and the playlists he owns, which you can follow as you do with any other social network, and the clips that you post or share will appear.
  2. Create custom playlists: When you hear a sound you like, you can click on the three points on it to add it to any of your playlists, you can create as many playlists as you want that you can make it public for other users to enjoy, or make it private for your use. only you.
  3. Start station to listen to a series of similar tracks: When you don’t have the time or patience to choose the tracks you want in your playlists, you can simply click on those three points in any track or track that you want the app to play similar tracks too. , And you can always access your most recent stations from your profile.

Features of SoundCloud app for iPhone

  • SoundCloud 2021 app has an easy-to-use appearance and interface, and you don’t find it crowded with features and add-ons, but in case you want to enjoy more extra features, you must log in via the web browser to
  • With the SoundCloud app you can download or purchase tracks, many tracks are freely downloadable and there are tracks that can be purchased.
  • You can download and upload your tracks via the SoundCloud app, it is a social platform that allows anyone to download their music or audio tracks. Currently, you cannot download music from the mobile application, you must click the “Download” button at the top of the page via the web version of SoundCloud.
  • There’s a group join feature, where you can join groups on SoundCloud 2021 that allows users to share and enjoy their favorite tracks.
  • The feature of receiving notifications from users who interact with you, just like many other social networks, SoundCloud has a notification center, where you can see who recently followed and interacted with you.
  • Unlike other music and audio apps, Sound Cloud gives you access to playlists created by your favorite artist or user.
  • With the Sound Cloud app, you can record and upload music from your device to it to share with others, or to seize the opportunity, grab the attention of your fans and build your fan base.

If you want to discover music, listen to it for free and share it with others, the SoundCloud app must be installed on your phone to do all this easily, just download the app from the following icon.

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