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Downloading the Shazam app is definitely one of the favorite free music apps for many iPhone users because it helps you discover new songs everywhere you go, the app works by telling you the name of the artist, track, song, or track you are listening to, whether it is on the radio Or in a movie, during commercials, or anywhere you might hear music.

Not only that, you can find all the songs you meet and document them, in addition to that you can view the relevant music for this music clip you are listening to and you can also through the Shazam app get links to buy songs, read the lyrics of the songs, and listen to them in other applications such as Spotify, find out when to come, plus so many other features.

Shazam app features for iPhone

  • Very easy to use due to the presence of an easy to use interface.
  • It helps you discover new music, learn all about it, and share it.
  • Shows words while listening to different songs.
  • Very accurate in identifying music and artists.
  • You can enjoy Chazam 2021 app on Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Nokia, Windows 8 Tablet, and Windows Phone devices / There is also a free download of the app on Mac and Windows computers.

Some additional details about Shazam

  • Music can be tagged manually by clicking the button, or automatically using the AUTO option, so it works if you unlock the phone or when using another app at the same time.
  • When in Auto Mode, the Chasam app can be set up to send you notifications so you know it’s already working and mark the songs you hear.
  • Shazam’s Explore feature shows you popular tags from other users near you.
  • You can replay a small portion of the song even after you tag it, and play all your tags together consistently.
  • The time that you made a tag is displayed with each song, and Shazam can also tell you where you placed the tag on it.
  • Shazam shows you a link to a YouTube video of the song you tag.
  • Recommended clips appear alongside the songs you’ve featured so you can find similar music and artists.
  • Through the Shazam app, a complete bio is displayed for each artist.
  • You can search for artists ’work, and you can also add any of their songs to your Shazam tag list.
  • With the Shazam 2021 app, it’s easy to search for upcoming concerts near you or anywhere, buy tickets, as well as see all the dates of the artists you discover with Shazam.
  • Music you tag on can be opened with Beats Music, Google Play Music and Spotify, as well as create a new radio station in iTunes.
  • You can share the music you tag it on through Facebook, Twitter, email, and other applications.
  • You can access all your scores by logging in to Shazam on a computer, where you can download a complete list of the archives of all the tagged songs, view and share the lyrics of the songs, find out how many other users have tagged that song, and find Links to buy on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play store.

When you watch a movie or commercial, walk in a store, drive your car, and don’t have time to jot down the lyrics of the song you hear, you can simply open the app, click the Shazam button, and find the song right away, Shazam is almost the most useful music app Among all the applications, you can now discover many new tracks and music tracks from different sources. You can try it yourself and download the application by clicking on the following download icon.

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Developer: Shazam Entertainment

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