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Smartphones have replaced digital cameras around the world, and after phone cameras have become more advanced, application developers have discovered new ways to improve image capture, Retrica is an application to improve and share photos, this application is a very powerful and easy to use addition to the integrated camera phone If you are looking to take glamorous selfies or stunning landscapes, Retrika has a large collection of filters that will help you get the job done, the app’s interface is attractive and simple, which makes using the app easy and intuitive, so it will not take long to learn how to use all Editing tools as used by professionals.

Features of downloading Retrica app for iPhone

  • Retrica for iPhone provides a very diverse set of filters to suit any situation, as well as an impressive array of stickers that can make your photos more flexible and make you feel enjoyable when looking at them.
  • With the Retrica 2021 iPhone app, you can record up to 15 seconds of video with your favorite filter app.
  • You can also set the interval to take consecutive pictures.
  • Retrica for iPhone provides many professionally designed filters, it has much more filters than any other camera application, you can apply those filters before taking pictures or after that as you like.
  • The Retrica app for iPhone has an elegant interface with a wonderful flat design that facilitates the process of use, and although the Retrica interface is similar to most other camera applications, it remains unique and greatly organized in terms of design, there is a standard camera lens in addition to advanced settings options for modes Photography and various effects.
  • Retrica gives you an impressive array of imaging options and post-editing features.
  • Downloading the Retrica app for iPhone allows you to change the aspect ratio of different images.
  • You can import images from outside the app if you want to apply them to your favorite filter on Retrica.
  • The feature of capturing a multi-shot image is still present in the latest version, and it still works in the same quality, where you can choose from nine collages of shapes, with an interval set between them, then the images are grouped into one image, or you can output the results in GIF format instead of that.
  • It should be noted that the Retrica app is integrated with social media platforms, enabling you to share your great shots with your friends via email or post them to Facebook or Instagram.
  • The app allows you to add a watermark so that other people don’t use the photos you created.

Download the Retrica app for iPhone

Photography these days takes many forms, and is constantly evolving considerably, thanks to the wonderful modern smartphones and their very powerful cameras, in addition to distinguished applications such as Retrica.

Retrica app focuses primarily on filters, and unlike most free photography apps, the app is always supplied with new and beautiful filters packages, which can help you get some great pictures, and Retrica is known to be the best app for taking good selfies, despite However, it also works perfectly with regular photos through the back camera.

The app is also available for Android mobile devices and not just for iPhone, and you can download 2021 Retrica on iPhone for free, but you can also upgrade to the “pro” version until ads disappear completely and get access to all filters, there are 25 of the eighty filters blocked In the free version, the upgrade price is 1.79 €, you can download the application by clicking on the following download icon.

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