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When Apple’s designed iPhone mapping and GPS app performance declined, Google could leave Apple users without a trick, but instead Google released the all-new Google Maps and Maps application for free to help restore its dominance on Maps In the Apple iOS6 environment.

Introducing Google Maps app for iPhone

There are a lot of competitive mapping applications, but Google Maps remains at the forefront, as it is an easy-to-use application and full of great features for all mobile phones, and although many of you may use it for directions every day, there are a lot of hidden tools and functions that may She had not encountered her before.

Google has exceeded expectations in the use of the Google Maps app for iPhone, it quickly produced the application, which won the approval of iPhone users, as it produced a strong product that works well and is able to compete within the group of maps applications in smartphones.

Google Maps for iPhone includes a business search using the powerful Google Local search tool, powerful ratings, and reviews, and it syncs searches and favorites list when you sign in with a Google account.

Features of Google Maps app for iPhone 2020

  • The application provides voice directions to alert you in different directions step by step, this can help you when traveling by train, bus, subway, or even on foot, and Google Maps also detects your traffic to avoid crowds.
  • Google Maps provides panoramic, touch-controlled street images for all places around the world. This application also contains global high-resolution satellite imagery, in addition to its close connection with the Google Earth application for imaging and mapping.
  • Google Maps for iPhone is simple, the opening interface is a familiar map that appears with some icons that control the set of important features of the application, including search, step-by-step directions, quick access to traffic data, public transit directions, satellite imagery, And Google Earth, this command distinguishes Google Maps from other known navigation applications.
  • Google Maps is characterized by speed, speed of performance is a common matter in Google applications, and Google runs some of the most powerful and fastest data centers in the world, and this appears in the Google Maps application, which can set data very quickly, and the application is also fast in calculating and recalculating directions.
  • The Google Map Download for iPhone was upgraded in 2013 to integrate with Apple’s Contacts app.
  • You can activate Siri and Voice Search by pressing the microphone icon in the search box.
  • Google Maps works well with other apps, and it disappears in the background when you want to open another app, but it continues to pronounce directions step by step.

Download the Google Maps app for iPhone 2020

Google Maps provides you with spoken street names, and with different directions step by step, the application quickly calculates directions, identifies, and pronounces the best roads and street names in a clear voice.

The app also provides you with the use of Google Earth, and if you are not familiar with Google Earth, it is the app that allows you to explore detailed satellite imagery of the world and 3D views by swiping your finger.

Google Maps application is designed and developed on a scientific basis to provide the most accurate maps data and important points possible. In general, the Google Maps application for the iPhone is fast and accurate, and users of heavy navigation will appreciate its speed and accuracy. Now you can download the application for iOS systems by pressing the following download icon.

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