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Download video editing program for Android Vaka Video: Snap Your Colorful Life is a video editor app and it is considered the easiest and fastest to edit videos, but it only requires videos to be less than 15 seconds.

And the Waka Video application enables the user to edit the videos in a simple way, and therefore it is best suited for use with the videos of the Snapchat application, as it enables him to add different music or exploit the user’s audio library.

Downloading a video editing program for Android, Vaka Video: Snap Your Colorful Life can color the lives of its users by adding various stickers, different types of filters, and working to increase the beauty rates of people inside the video using filters.

The application also enables its users to share the edited videos with friends through various social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others.

The application Vaka Video: Snap Your Colorful Life is the best video editor to deal with social networking applications, as it won the award for the most popular short video App, meaning the best popular short video app, and it was also included in the list of the best video editing applications for most countries of the world. Download now a free video editing program and write on it

Waka can be considered the favorite app for millions of users, to share colorful moments with their virtual world.

General Features of Vaka Video App: Snap Your Colorful Life

The application includes a large number of features that qualify it to be the best short video editing application, including:

  • With Vaka Video, thousands of videos can be viewed by users of the app.
  • Waka application provides the opportunity to download any of the user’s videos through the application and get the likes of other users so that the user becomes the most popular on Vaka Video.
  • The ability to search through the Vaka Video application, as the application provides a distinct search engine, through which it is possible to search for specific categories of videos, such as comedy videos, drawing or animals, etc.
  • The Waka application is a different social media platform from other platforms, where videos can be liked and commented on, and videos can be included for appropriate memories and recorded to be permanently available.

Features of Vaka Video App: Snap Your Colorful Life as a Video Maker

  • With the Vaka Video app, it is possible to shoot videos via the phone’s camera easily with the addition of specific filters.
  • The Waka Video application allows its users to take selfie videos and synchronize them with important and distinctive clips from movies and songs, and the user can also be made as if he is casting famous jokes for movies.
  • Vaka Video: Snap Your Colorful Life is able to add many stickers, where the app stickers are the best, to add a distinctive aesthetic appearance to them.
  • Through the Waka application, you can also choose to view the videos from your phone through it for a better viewing experience.
  • Ease of adding cosmetic effects, as it is considered the best application in terms of adjusting facial features, as it can enlarge the eyes, lift the face, remove the eye bag, or smooth the face.

Features of Vaka Video App: Snap Your Colorful Life as a video editor

  • The Waka Video app as a video editor enables its users to cut and merge video clips, in a very simple and easy way, as the cutting process occurs without clarity in the videos.
  • The ability of the Vaka Video user to go back and forward in the video.
  • The Waka Video app allows users to repeat scenes within video clips, as well as slow down the movement of the video.
  • The possibility of editing the video clip after downloading the free video editing program for
  • Android by adding different texts within the video, or adding emoji in the titles, and the hashtag can also be added to ensure more fans.
  • Vaka Video: Snap Your Colorful Life app adds many filters to videos, and users can also add animated stickers inside videos.
  • The application enables users to install music on the videos from the app’s song library, which includes different music and songs in genres that suit all tastes and facilitates the process of integrating them with the video clips.
  • The videos via Waka do not have a single speed for use, as the application enables its users to control the speed of the video with multiple options.

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Name: Vaka Video
Version: 1.10.5
Size: 12.63MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: DesignApplication
Developer: Vaka

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