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Download new tirhal application, an effective application that is distinguished by the state of Sudan, facilitating the transportation service within the country, especially in the capital, Khartoum, which is characterized by severe overcrowding, as any person residing on the territory of the Sudanese state through the Tarhal application can request a taxi.

After downloading the application on his smartphone, and a map is available in the application that determines the location of the user and the car reaches him and takes him to the place he wants, in exchange for a simple financial, and in a car with high service capabilities, and through a driver with unique specifications, but it is required that the applicant is connected to the Internet so that the driver can Determining his location, this service is much like “Uber and Karim in Egypt.”

The beginning of the idea of ​​tirhal travel

The idea of ​​the application of tirhal started by a group of Sudanese youth who are working to promote their taxis and compete with the taxi of all kinds, and the service has already been very popular, and now the service is managed by 3 national companies, and it sets strict standards for the cars used, and unique recipes for the drivers working on it, and has been allocated A number for citizens to submit complaints to, through which they can work to continuously improve the service.

Tirhal application features

  • The tirhal app is easy to use and has a distinct and simple interface.
  • The application size is very small, it does not need a lot of space to download and install it.
  • The application is characterized by being designed in the Arabic language.
  • You can download the Sudan Travel program for Android for free with a direct link.
  • Through the tirhal app, the user can know the driver’s name, photo, phone number and car number.
  • The user’s tirhal cars come in a short time after requesting the service through the application, no more than a few limited minutes from the time the customer is located.
  • The drivers working in Tirhal are distinguished by their high degree of respect, ethics and high driving experience. Download the Sudanese Tarhal program now, as the Tarhal application covers most areas in Sudan, on top of which is Khartoum.
  • The cars provided by the tirhal operators are characterized by great capabilities, especially safety and modernity, as they are equipped with air conditioning, unlike dilapidated taxis.
  • The tirhal application provides the user with cars of all shapes and types, it can be a small car that is easy to pass in narrow places, and in the middle of traffic jams.
  • Through the tirhal app, the user can leave notes for the driver if he wants.
  • The tirhal travel app sends a message to the user of how long it will take the vehicle to reach it.
  • Through the tirhal application, the user can set a favorite list for him with the most frequent places, such as home and work, so that he is not forced every time the application uses the location from the map.
  • Clicking on the place in the favorites list will bring the car to it.
  • The application provides a special service for women under the “Nawaem Travel” initiative, and it also encourages women to drive taxis.
  • The tirhal app provides users with a phone number to submit complaints.
  • Download the Tarhal Driver app, as the Tarhal app provides a cheaper service than taxis and taxis.
  • The application provides many job opportunities for Sudanese youth, with remunerative salaries, and provides them with means of safety and social insurance.
  • The application of tirhal allows those who want to work in the service, whether men or women, to apply through the application, provided that he has the conditions of work, it is not required that the car be modern, but at least its model does not exceed 10 years, and the car is examined and the extent of the availability of the required specifications in it before Driver acceptance, with the necessity to place a tirhal taxi sign.

How to use the tirhal app

  • First of all, you must download the Tirhal app on your smartphone.
  • After that, the application is installed, and then the user can access the application, and specify his location in detail on the service map.
  • The user determines the type of car he wants to reach by choosing its shape, size, and also its specifications.
  • Then it shows the user the shape of the car, its number, the picture of the driver, and his phone number.

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