Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

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Download sweatcoin app 2021 sweatcoin application is a unique application because it makes its users money, as it is aimed at sports fans, especially walking and running and encourages users to walk in exchange for a digital currency bearing the same name of the application, and when the user succeeds in collecting a certain amount of this Currency, the application offers them a set of gifts and subscriptions, it is an application in the service of sports and fitness.

The start of the sweatcoin 2021 app

The sweatcoin app is currently available in the USA, Ireland and UK.

The application developers are working to expand it to include all countries of the Western world, the Arab world and all countries of the Middle East.

The application is based on a digital currency called sweatcoin, which the user earns when he succeeds in the challenge, walking on foot or running for a certain distance “a few kilometers” determined by sweatcoin application, and by relying on a specific technology, those points he collects are converted into money.

The founders of sweatcoin app have taken advantage of

The founders of the application earn a lot of money for the ads that are displayed in the application, which are estimated at millions of dollars, and these ads are directed more to a specific community, and the exposure to them by the user is very large.

The advantages of downloading sweatcoin application

  • Download the SweetCoin app for free, the application aims to help its users maintain their physical fitness by taking an interest in walking and running, and enjoying a graceful body.
  • The user earns money by downloading sweatcoin while maintaining his fitness.
  • The number of walking steps set to start adding points for the user is only a few 1000 steps
  • The greater the distance to walk or run, the more points the user earns.
  • sweatcoin 2021 app converts the points that the user collects into cash or gifts that the user takes.
  • Download sweatcoin pays you to get a fitness program, where the user, through the Sweet Coin application for Android, can benefit from the funds provided in purchasing other applications or electronic games or obtaining gifts from the Amazon site through the application.
  • Many users consider sweatcoin application a job in order to get money in exchange for just opening the application and walking or running for several hours a day.
  • sweatcoin pays you to get fit apk download

How sweatcoin 2021 app works

  • The user starts downloading the application on his smartphone.
  • The app opens and starts walking or running anywhere.
  • The application calculates the money that the user will take based on the number of steps he takes through GPS, and then converts those steps into points that he earns.
  • The app promises each step with specific points, for example, every 1000 steps is $ 0.95, and those points are converted into sweatcoin.

It is worth noting that sweatcoin is a non-paper and non-physical digital currency, but it is a virtual innovator over the Internet, and it is used through the computer at certain rates.

How does sweatcoin work?

Sweatcoin is activated through a technology called SweetCoin Blockchain, it can process and monitor any transfers that are made, and it is characterized by following a complex system that records transfers in an encrypted form that is difficult to penetrate, and therefore this technology helps the application of Sweatcoin in avoiding any process Accusation, deception or fraud by the user or any external hacker.

The user can buy a lot of things from electronic stores through that currency, as it is worth approximately one US dollar, or about 17 Egyptian pounds, and the most prominent things that can be bought through that currency are clothes, smartphones, computers, and shoes, but the expensive things are questioned on the user. Walk a lot to get it and buy it.

How does sweatcoin prevent fraud?

The application uses some complex characteristics, features, and rates that enable it to track the user and identify his whereabouts and the route he relies on to prevent fraud.

App Info

Name: Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: SportsApplication
Developer: Sweatco Ltd

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