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تحميل تطبيق البنك الأهلي المصري NBE الأهلي نت

NBE-Al Ahly App The National Bank of Egypt application to facilitate financial transactions saves us the hardship of going to the bank’s headquarters to conduct our banking operations. Al-Ahly Bank has provided us with a special program which is Al-Ahly program. This program is free and we can use it by downloading it from our mobile device.

National Bank application to facilitate financial transactions

  • The services provided by the National Bank of Egypt application
  • Program NBE-Al Ahly App finds out the nearest 5 branches of the bank through GPS.
  • Providing all information about the National Bank of how to deposit and withdraw, loans, credit cards, and others.
  • The National Bank NBE-Al Ahly App makes it easy for us to communicate with the customer service available throughout the day, in order to send any complaints or know any inquiries.
  • Submit an application for some services such as obtaining loans and others.
  • Procedures required for registration
  • A phone number registered by the branch, the personal phone number of the bank, the customer’s password.

How to register in Al-Ahly Net application

After the application is downloaded from Google Play, the icon is clicked here to register. After that the steps are followed, you have the freedom to choose whether or not to use the same username and bank password on the AlAhli mobile application.

How to download the NBE-Al Ahly App 2020

We offer you to download the National Bank of Egypt program for free with a direct link to Android through the download link available at the top of the article. You can also download the National Bank program through Google Play or from any other application store where the National Bank application download is available for all Android devices and iPhone and computers Free and without any costs.

Notes to pay attention to

  • If you do not have a direct debit card, you should contact the call center or go to your nearest branch.
  • The 6-digit password must be kept because it is the number with which registration takes place each time.
  • Always follow up on funding details.

Features of downloading the National Bank of Egypt application

  • Special accounts that are transferred are free of charge.
  • Transfers to local banks are made free of charge without any additional charges.
  • International transfers are charged a low fee of $ 2 USD per international transfer.

App Info

Name: NBE-AlAhly
Version: 2022
Size: 7MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: FinanceApplication
Developer: NBE Mobile ‏ National Bank of Egypt‏

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