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Mobizen Screen Recorder

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Download Mobizen Screen Recorder 2021 is an app to enable the user to connect the Android phone to the computer and watch what is happening through it.

The Mobizen screen recording app offers the features of recording the Android phone screen, which is the best recorder for relying on the best video maker, and through the recording process, you can record video clips for games, download applications, edit video, or any video that puts steps to do anything over the phone.

Mobizen Screen Recorder is a free app, through which more than 930 thousand videos were recorded, edited, and published online.

Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder app as a screen recorder

  • Record high-quality screen videos, in all movements and moments, through the Mobizen Screen Recorder app.
  • Mobizine does not require a modern version of Android, as it works starting with Android KitKat 4.4.
  • Mobizen app has several different settings to suit all versions of Android.
  • The Mobizen app offers the ability to edit videos, for perfect details of the finishing touches.
  • The Mobizen app provides an introduction and conclusion to the recorded video, with the signature of the user.
  • Mobizen app allows the sharing of recorded videos via social media applications.

Benefits of editing videos recorded with Mobizen app

  • The videos created with the Mobizen app are in quality (240p ~ 1440p).
  • Videos created with Mobizen Screen Recorder are rated from 0.5 Mbps ~ 12.0 Mbps and are of adequate and medium quality.
  • The speed of videos recorded via the Mobizen app will be from 5fps, up to 60fps to provide the user with various options as desired.
  • A number of video editing options are available, including “- BGM, introduction, and conclusion, cut, split, frame extraction” so that the user can extract the video from its final state through the Mobizen application alone.

Computer benefits of managing Mobizen smartphone

  • The Mobizen app allows you to view the entire smartphone screen through the computer after it is connected to it.
  • Manage all system files in Android OS from the computer via the Mobizen app.
  • Through the Mobizine app, you can view all photos and videos from the phone via the computer easily.
  • Things can be reversed and files saved from the computer to the Android system and managed through Mobizen.

Finally added features of the Mobizen app

  • 2K resolution support for recorded videos.
  • Fix application crashes when pressing letters while recording.

Mobizen’s tips for its users

  • The company advises its users to download the “enhanced mode”, which is a small program that should be downloaded for owners of old phones from Android to enable them to record the screen.

And the enhanced mode is a necessary program for users of old operating systems such as Android Kitkat 4.4 and must be activated to complete the registration of the Android phone screen, and the program is downloaded from the computer and then transferred to the phone via a USB cable, and the program must be downloaded from the official developer company website

  • The developer of the Mobizen Screen Recorder app recommends its users to set the recorded video quality at 2.5 Mbps, the resolution to 480p, and the video frame rate at 30fps to record more accurate and better video.
  • The company recommends closing the watermark while recording videos, as it causes the clip to be inaccurate.

Disadvantages of Mobizen Screen Recorder app

  • The video recorded from the Android phone screen sometimes appears slightly later than the recording, due to the number of programs running in the background of the phone together which causes an excessive load on the phone processor, which affects the work of the Mobizen Screen Recorder application.
  • A number of incomprehensible voices of video clips recorded through the Mobizen Screen Recorder application have been recognized by the developer and promised to try to resolve them at the earliest opportunity.

App Info

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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: RSUPPORT Co. Ltd.

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