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Mindly is a program available for Android mobile devices (there is also an iOS version), used to create so-called Mind Maps.

A mind map is an innovative and increasingly common method of recording, according to some creators:

Supposed to increase our efficiency and support creative thinking, Mindly is an unofficial app designed to help you develop it easily.

One of the features of downloading Mandelie program for free

  • Not surprisingly, the manufacturer has included an instruction manual for the 2021 Mindly program in the form of a mind map, which is available immediately after installing the program.
  • Downloading the Mandelay 2021 app for Android shows the starting point in the middle, while the elements are present and look like electrons in orbit, as a result, the whole is similar to the structure of the atom or rather: the solar system with its planets and the moons of the planet.
  • After clicking on a specific element, the view is focused on it and it now plays the starting point.
  • There are up to 3 types of information to be defined in Mindly: Text (Title and Content), Color (many predefined options to choose from), Symbol.
  • Running the map with Mindly Downloader is really a fun game for kids, as the animation to move from the element looks appealing to the eye.
  • Download Mindly allows you to have a hierarchy.
  • Downloading the Mandelie Auditor 2021 software also gives you a useful option to export the map to a PDF.
  • It also has a synchronization feature with a Dropbox Cloud account.

App Info

Name: Mindly
Version: 1.19
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Package: com.dripgrind.mindly
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Dripgrind

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