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Download Mawared = For Android

Mawared is an application that you can not download on the various phones available now that work on different systems, but the number of its downloads has reached one hundred thousand downloads, this application has been worked on by the Ministry of Health located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is through This application you can learn about the various information related to the various human resources that are in that ministry.

Download Health Resources Program for Android 2020

Mawared Resources application is one of the applications through which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tries to connect its employees with technology and the Internet to facilitate their work.

Mawared 2021 program is an application launched by the Saudi Ministry of Health, as a step towards the governance of the service sectors to make it easier for employees to live their lives, and to help them in giving work times to the needy patients.

The government sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are working to link their employees through smart applications available on the phones, within the reach of all employees. Therefore, download the Ministry of Health Resources Program for Android.

By downloading the mawared moh ksa resource application, employees of the Saudi Ministry of Health can perform all tasks or requests that they must perform at the Human Resources Department.

Mawared Resource Application Download Services

  • The Ministry of Health Resources application allows you to see the full instructions of the Ministry of Health’s Human Resources Department.
  • My ministry service allows you to view the personal information page, which is the same as that of human resources.
  • Submitting various requests from “vacations, assignments, requests for delay”.
  • The managers of the online resource program follow up on the various requests made by employees.
  • Providing the employee with a full employment history, such as the date of vacations, previous assignments, and penalties.
  • The ability to activate notifications mode for information only, as the HR department places orders and requests via a special panel in the application instead of the traditional bulletin board.
  • Mawared Online Plus allows you to contact the HR department in case of a problem or complaint.
  • System resource and service managers.
  • Update the Ministry of Health resources data.
  • Human resources is allocated to Umm Al-Qura University.
  • Update resources.
  • Saudi Ministry of Health Resources Service.
  • Solve a resource system problem that is not working.

Benefits of downloading the Mawared Resources app

  • The application is easy to deal with, as applying for leave or assignment is a simple thing that a simple worker can do.
  • The site is blocked only through the Ministry’s network, and therefore, no one can control the site or the application and manipulate it.
  • The application allows taking the permission of the direct manager on the leave once you apply for it, to speed up the process of obtaining it.
  • Download the Ministry of Health Resources program for Android for free.
  • The program enables you to get to know the various information that you want in this field and then specify the services that you want.
  • In this application you have your own page and you can access it in an easy and simple way and see it whenever you want.
  • With it, you can specify the leave you wish to take and the date specified for it from its inception until the date of your return.
  • If you are one of the delegates, you can also submit your application through the application and specify the date.
  • The application has an advantage in notifying you of everything new in this field.
  • You can apply to change your manager.

Disadvantages of downloading Mawared

Forcing all employees to interact through the application from the first day of its launch, making it difficult to communicate with the Human Resources Department.
The application suffers from multiple technical problems, as it is required to constantly re-login.
Notices determined by the Human Resources Department do not reach all employees, and therefore some orders or advertisements do not reach the presumed to reach them.

Download features of the Mawared Android app 2020

This application is one of the important applications that have been issued by the Ministry of Health in the United Kingdom and its aim was for everyone who works within the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work on the various activities that he has through his use of this application for human resources.

By downloading this application from the Play Store, you will get a lot of services and features, so you must download it immediately in order to enjoy the services it includes.

App Info

Name: Mawared
Size: 4.4MB
Package: com.netvariant.mawared
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: mawared

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