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Hakuna is a new social media platform by chatting using the live broadcast service. You can register and use the Hakuna app to talk to your friends, meet new friends, and join other people’s live broadcasts.

Features of downloading the Hakuna app

You can use the Hakuna app to chat and meet new people with many features that the application offers.

  • The Hakuna app is specially designed to chat and communicate via live broadcasts, so you will only find the button to communicate with another person to communicate directly and easily.
  • When you download Hakuna, you can subscribe to and follow other live broadcasts only without having to provide live broadcasts to you through the Hakuna app.
  • With the Hakuna app, you can earn some money by hosting live broadcasts and inviting others to share with them to get more gifts.
  • After downloading the Hakuna program for Android 2020, you can share a live broadcast with sound only by using the radio mode in the Hakuna application and you will not need to use the video.
  • Your friends participated in the formation of a team and send gifts, and the highest-rated teams on the Hakuna Hakuna app get weekly gifts through many activities and posts.
  • The Hakuna application provides privacy for users by providing the possibility of private broadcasting by inviting whoever the user wants to follow to broadcast or choosing open broadcasts so that any user can follow the live broadcast.

Download the Hakuna application

You can download the Hakuna application directly from our site, as the application supports the latest Android systems from Android 5.0. There is also a version of the Hakuna app that supports iPhone devices.

App Info

Name: Hakuna
Size: 43.6MB
Package: com.movefastcompany.bora
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: hakuna

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