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Download the 2021 es file explorer program for Android There are a lot of file management applications for Android devices, but most of them contain features and lack other features. The ES File Explorer app is the best file management app for Android devices ever, as this app features dozens of tools that benefit every user. Although the main goal of ES File Explorer is file management, it is used for many other tasks.

ES File Explorer application features

Download the es file explorer app for Android The application is the number one file manager in the world according to the opinion of millions of users. ES File Explorer application is free and does not need to be purchased, it is available on Google Play and on many Arab forums, and you can increase the speed of your phone using it, by closing applications and tasks that run in the background, these applications take up a space of RAM and thus causes your phone to slow.

This application permanently closes these applications and provides an additional amount of memory, which leads to an increase in the speed of your phone, but beware, if you close an application and you do not save your work, you will lose it forever, most likely. You can also control your phone via a computer using a tool found in the application. This tool is useful for connecting your computer to your phone, then you can control your phone through the computer, which is something that users like very much.

You can take a backup copy of the applications installed on your device to restore the application in the event of a problem, meaning that it stores an apk copy of any application you want on your device. ES File Explorer does not back up application data but only for the applications themselves.

Learn more features of ES File Explorer Program Manager

Download the Task Manager program for Android ES File Explorer. You can show all files in a specific format by writing the extension in the search box, then clicking the search button, and waiting a little. The program is very fast in carrying out searches, and provides you with some options when performing the process, as it supports all basic file management operations such as copying, pasting, moving, deleting, renaming, and much more.

You can send and receive files via the program, and this may obviate the use of popular transport applications such as Share It. It allows you to manage the applications installed on your phone and perform many operations on them such as uninstalling them and viewing their features. ES File Explorer provides you with a good and useful tool and you always need it, which is the installed application lock tool, where you can easily choose an application and lock it using this tool.

Key benefits of ES File Explorer

  • It eliminates many applications because it does so many tasks, it sends files and therefore there is no need for the ShareIt application anymore, it also takes a backup copy of the applications and thus you can dispense with the applications that provide this task.
  • It enables you to do some tasks more easily, for example, ES File Explorer makes it easy for you to open a Wi-Fi hotspot or connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Fast player for many types of files, as it plays videos, pictures, text files, and audio files quickly and without problems, but unfortunately it does not provide many options when opening a file type and this is not strange because the size of the program is small and its tasks are very many.
  • Quickly find recently added files, as the application displays them in the main window.

Disadvantages of ES File Explorer

  • Some tasks require root privileges to perform them, such as browsing and modifying system files, and also controlling system applications that need root.
  • The program is slow to delete files, so it is advised to use the system file manager when doing this operation.
  • The text editor integrated with the program may not function properly.

Why use ES File Explorer

As we saw above, ES File Explorer performs a very large number of tasks, but it does not perform all the tasks professionally as are the programs designated for those tasks, so it is usually advised to use it in case you do not have a dedicated application that performs the task you want, and this means that you have to keep it installed on your phone, and this is not a problem as we have seen, as the size of the program is small.

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