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Download cm launcher 3d program for Android CM Launcher 3D-Personalized, Secure, Efficient application is a distinctive deployment application to give integrated privacy to the Android phone, as it adds a distinctive shape to the phone with different icons and distinct backgrounds, all 3D.

Download C-Launcher program – Themes, wallpapers in 2021 CM Launcher 3D application is the most distinctive launcher application because it is very light and small in size that does not take up space from the phone, it also reduces the most problems of the launcher applications and is the slow phone, as it features a feature to accelerate the phone and get rid of files other than Desirable.

Download the cm launcher 3d program, an application that alters the shape of your phone completely, for a new phone with new icons and backgrounds, and it is changed every time to give a new look.

CM Launcher 3D application features

  • CM Launcher 3D app is more dedicated than competing apps, as it includes 10 thousand free 3D themes, with
  • Different designs for 2D icons, live wallpapers, and even different designs for customer contacts.
  • CM Launcher 3D app includes different apps to lock or even hide apps to protect user privacy.
  • The Lansher CM app adds a nicely organized list of applications, to appear in a way that facilitates access to the most frequently used applications.
  • The Lancer CM 3D application is the best in terms of maintaining the view of its users, as it protects users with low vision from exposure to HEV light through a dedicated filter is the HEV light filter.

CM Launcher 3D application features

  • Hide or lock apps, with the CM Launcher 3D application the user can protect his privacy from intruders by hiding and locking applications within a private locked folder, and applications can be launched and shown easily.
  • Improve the work of the Android phone, a distinctive feature that enables the user to improve the work of the phone with one press of a button to accelerate the user experience.
  • A smart application manager, where CM Launcher 3D can clean phone files and wipe unnecessary ones, and it organizes the phone by forming small folders, each of which includes a number of files to facilitate their management.

All-inclusive themes with exclusive benefits

  • An integrated center for themes and icons, as CM Launcher 3D application offers more than 10 thousand 2D and 3D themes, with different shapes of icons, with customizations for menus and different forms of contacts.
  • Animated 3D effects, as the publisher app includes 3D animations with a 3D user interface as well, and distinct transitions.
  • 3D themes and live and mobile backgrounds, as the app, includes themes, screen backgrounds, and menu interface customizations, with transparent and 3D themes.
  • Virtual reality themes, which are themes with virtual reality effects, and you can also through themes playing on the screen.
  • Popular themes, CM Launcher 3D app includes a number of popular themes that users search for online.
  • Themes designed by the user himself, the application allows the user to be designed to create themes himself on the Android application, and can also create live wallpapers and different shapes of icons.

Updates will arrive recently for CM Launcher 3D

  • The CM Launcher 3D app recently enabled integration with Microsoft’s Cortana smart voice digital assistant, making it the best publisher app.
  • CM Launcher 3D application has the advantages of voice search, where through the application can now search online, translation, and news by voice.
  • CM Launcher 3D app allows its users to get instant information such as breaking news, nearby restaurants, and reminds users of daily plans.
  • The smart publisher app enables devices to sync with each other, as emails can be synced between computer and phone devices.

App Info

Name: CM Launcher 3D
Version: 5.99.0
Size: 20.13MB
Package: com.ksmobile.launcher
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: EntertainmentApplication
Developer: CM Launcher Themes

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