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Citymaps for Android is a simple and powerful offline map app. With Citymaps, you can download the city map you want to use when there is no internet connection.

It is ideal for those who travel a lot or have to constantly move across other regions.

With Citymaps, you can easily search for maps offline and completely free. This is a helpful “help” method for everyone to find restaurants, places to eat, hotels, bars, or shopping malls.

Citymaps is one of the fastest maps with download speeds of up to 60fps, and it’s soft-touch gestures even when zooming in or out, turning or touching any location on the screen.

Every offline map comes with a free City Guide file. This document contains a list of the most important places that must correspond to 12 very interesting places to choose from, including cafes, restaurants, art museums and bars.

App Info

Name: Citymaps
Version: 3.7.3
Size: 15.56MB
Views: 1
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Citymaps, Inc.

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