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Download B612 = For Android

Download b612 program, the latest version of 2021 today, and after the spread of social networking sites, the image has become particularly important, not only taking the photo is just a click of the capture button, but the matter has evolved a lot to devise many methods to create better images. One of those methods is the applications, including the B612 application that we are going to talk about now.

Application Tour

Download the old b612 program Use the application without creating an account or log in with your account on Facebook or Line or using your phone number to be able to use all the features of the application available.

Edit your old photos or take a photo and edit them as you like while capturing.

The application works on the front and back cameras of the phone.

Download the b612 program for Android, the stickers and effects are divided into menus below the image, all you have to do is click on your favorite list and all of its stickers will appear and choose the one that suits you best.

Lists of effects, stickers, and filters

  • My: It has a collection of your favorite stickers that are most used by you.
  • Hot: Contains the most popular stickers.
  • New: A set of new stickers.
  • A list of stickers that add sparkle to your photo.
  • List of glasses.
  • List to transform your shape into other things like fruit and so on.
  • Various List.
  • BT21 List.
  • List to change the color of the eye, lips and hair.
  • List to change the background.
  • List to put animated effects on the image.
  • List of moving effects on a picture of two people.
  • A menu to change the dimensions of the face to create a mostly funny picture.
  • List of stickers and effects for girls.
  • List for drawing on the photo.
  • Movie list.
  • 3D menu.
  • List of festive effects.
  • List of headpieces.
  • Caps list.
  • List of awesome effects.
  • List to change the sound with the image.

The app is full of gifts, there are only stickers for you that you can get if you invite your friends to apply.

Download the b612 program for mobile, you get through the application an image that shows the purity of your skin with the feature of contouring, which is the same method used in cosmetics. If you click on the icon of cosmetics, you will see many ways to define your face according to your desire, whether it is thin, ideal, childish, or charming.

The application also controls the degree of screen clarity.

You can enjoy all these features when recording your videos too.

Download the b612 program for iPhone. One of the most important features of B612 is the ability to integrate a music clip into your video. The application gives you a lot of songs and audio clips that you can choose from whatever you want to add to your videos.

The music tracks are divided into lists for easy access.

Musical lists

Hot: It contains the most popular clips.

  • Background music.
  • Funny music clips.
  • Attractive music clips.
  • Electronic music.
  • Pop music.
  • Official soundtrack.

The application also gives you the feature of continuous photography, and you can save these images as a virtual animated gift! And you can share your friends.

When taking a photo, press the capture mark in the middle of the bottom of the screen, or by clicking anywhere in the image after activating the touch feature.

If you want to set the timing for taking a picture, the app contains a 3-minute or 7-minute timer.

The size of the photos taken with the B612 is 690 x 720, but the app also allows you to take pictures in the following sizes:

720 x 1280
720 x 720
720 x 540
720 x 405

Download b612 program for Android apk after taking the picture, you are the one who controls the ability to save it on the phone or not, but you can choose the automatic save feature, according to which all the captured image is saved automatically on the phone.

Settings menu

Your account settings: identification, name, email, phone number, password, linked accounts (Facebook and line), account deletion.

Camera settings: resolution, mirror mode, geolocation information, B612 mark (choose between showing or hiding it in the captured image), taking advantage of the size of the poster store (i.e. a poster that has not been used for two weeks that is deleted directly and made available for other stickers).

General settings: notifications, writing your opinion about the app, sharing friends, the Instagram account of the app, about B612, logging out of the account.

In the end, we advise you, dear reader, to give your photos the right, but more importantly, your interest in the photos of the Ministry of Interior, because it is they who express your true beauty!

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