Audioteka 2021 modern lifestyle does not leave us much time to enjoy our hobby, if you like reading, you will probably realize how difficult it is to find a peaceful moment to pick up a book and then read it, then why audiobooks can become a great alternative to combine reading with other activities.

Audioteka is a great online audiobook storage in multiple languages, where you’ll find thousands of books of all kinds that you can buy, download or listen to while cooking, playing sports, going to work, driving, or doing anything else.

Download Audioteka audiobook software for Android 2020

The app allows us to listen to samples from all books so that we can determine whether we want to purchase them and create virtual shelves through our Google account, the catalog contains all kinds of references, including books of famous authors.

Some Audioteka download functions for free with direct link

  • Audioteka allows you to manually search addresses.
  • Catalog arranged by category.
  • Detailed information on each book separately: price, author, description, length, download size, year, and gender … etc.
  • User ratings and reviews.
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Book Tools
applicationCategory UtilitiesApplication
Developer Audioteka S.A.
Downloads 1
Version 2.4.10
Download 14.13MB

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