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Download the AliExpress program for Android latest version 2020, the application of AliExpress AliExpress is an application for the best online shopping site around the world by no means, and it is one of the websites of the famous company Alibaba.

And the AliExpress Express provides thousands of well-known Chinese and international brands and is an integrated store for millions of products, and it also provides wholesale products to merchants from all over the world, as it provides the same goods for traditional users at very distinct prices, and to circumvent the customs rates established in most countries of the world, the application It offers free shipping for almost all “Chinese products”, but with a relatively long delivery time.

The origin of AliExpress

Download the AliExpress app, a site on AliExpress Express is the world’s most important online shopping site, which sells products at wholesale prices to merchants to all countries of the world, and also sells at retail prices to traditional users.

And the site on AliExpress Express was launched in April 2010 as part of the Alibaba group owned by the most prominent Chinese businessman Jack Ma, one of the richest people in the world.

The Arabic site Ali Express Aramex did not originate as a shopping site, but it was established as a store of Chinese stores to be a strong competitor to the Chinese site “Taobao” operating in the English language.

The site specifically began to be similar to the American Amazon site, relying on store owner Jack Ma’s strong relationships with manufacturers, and building relationships with users or small merchants around the world.

The site tried to get closer to end-users more, so it launched an application for the site through the Android operating system, iOS, and a special system for the Chinese Alibaba Group.

Application features on AliExpress Express

  • The number of products on the application exceeds millions, and most of them are products that you can only find through an application on AliExpress Express.
  • The application allows super ease in searching for the products that the user wants through an easy and fast search tool.
  • On AliExpress Express, it offers many coupons for sales and discounts, as well as discounts for different holidays and seasons.
  • The application offers free shipping for a large number of products, up to 75% of different products.
  • An application on AliExpress Express offers an excellent order management system with instant notifications to the user.

Add protection features to purchases via AliExpress Express.

  • Secure online payments with the largest insurance companies in the world.
  • An application on AliExpress Express supports a large number of languages ​​in browsing, including
  • Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai,
  • Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Vietnamese, and Japanese in addition to Ukrainian.
  • Supporting a number of different currencies for payment, as the application allows “the Euro, the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the Japanese yen, the British pound, the Russian ruble, and the Swedish krona”.
  • Enable the AliExpress application to receive useful suggestions from all over the world by clicking on “more” and then “application proposal”.

What’s included in the AliExpress app?

The application includes millions of different elements in a large number of sections to cover almost all products around the world that suit all users, including fashion and fashion, as the site is interested in displaying the fashions that have appeared recently in a clear manner, in addition to displaying all women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.

It also includes electrical appliances, various technologies, mobile phones with their accessories, various sports devices, furniture, special Chinese products of wood and decorations, as well as various home accessories, and innovative small devices that are very popular in all countries of the world.

Disadvantages of the AliExpress AliExpress App

  • AliExpress has supported Arabic recently, so most users do not know the language support, and it is not the primary language for browsing, so the translation is sometimes ambiguous.
  • The Express app is suitable for merchants but not suitable for the average user, as it is particularly concerned with merchants.
  • The AliExpress app includes many annoying ads that make shopping boring and tiring.

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Developer: Hong Kong Limited

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