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Download iTunes = For Android

iTunes is one of the programs well known, especially as it is one of the favorite programs for iPad and iPhone users; With it, they can play music and videos through the computer.

iTunes 2021 contains a store for all iOS phones, and through this wonderful store, users can download various applications, games, and programs for free, with the latest version and direct download links.

About download iTunes 2021 for Android free

The program has one of the best things that Apple phone users love and search for; Through it, you can enjoy listening to songs without boring ads and also download them all for free when subscribing to Apple Music, and you can also use iTunes to broadcast radio through the Internet.

The most important and main feature of this program is your ability to control and manage your phone. This program was first designed in 2003 for this matter; Through it, you can download audiobooks, videos, music files and share media on various networks, and iTunes supports many file formats such as MP3, MP4, Apple Lossless, M4V, WAV, and MOV, in addition to it includes more than 23 languages.

What else can you do with iTunes?

  • With iTunes, you can transfer media from pictures, files, and videos to and from the iPad or iPhone device with the computer, and this is done through a USB connection, simply by logging in to your iCloud to agree to the synchronization and then transfer all the media you want Easily and conveniently.
  • You can download a huge number of games and programs for free; Where the iTunes store contains more than eight hundred thousand applications from programs and games.
  • With iTunes 2020, you can watch talk show programs in the highest quality and without cutting, and you can also manage music and videos, search for programs and applications, and create music tables, so this program is one of the best programs in the field of organizing and managing music on Apple devices in the easiest and easiest way.
  • iTunes has a smooth and distinct interface, albeit a little more difficult than the interface of the similar program, iTools, as the program contains many great tools that you can use all of them without affecting the speed of your device; The program is light in space and does not consume many device resources.
  • The store maintains user privacy; It contains security and privacy means, which provides the user with many distinct media programs that you can install and run on your phone easily.
  • After downloading the iTunes Android 2021 program with a direct link, you can through the program watch all the satellite channels you like and listen directly to the radio, and through the program, you can prevent ads from appearing; It contains a feature to prevent ads from appearing that bother many users, and the program provides a distinctive experience by receiving and sharing music, videos, and photos.
  • iTunes contains an integrated library through which you can play all types of media after you create your own account, through which you can share what you buy from the store with your friends, and through it, you can organize the media as it supports various types of file formats as we mentioned before, And sync it with Apple devices of various kinds.

iTunes system requirements

You must have Windows 7 or Windows 10 32 or 64 bit, and your device must have the following capabilities:

  • Computer processor: You must have a 1GHz AMD processor with at least 512MB of RAM, and the video card must be compatible with DirectX 9.0.
  • Storage: You must have at least 400MB of storage space or more in addition to a fast internet connection.
  • Screen: You must have a screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher, and the sound card must be more than 16 bits.

App Info

Name: iTunes
Version: 2.0
Size: 366MB
Package: com.syncituneslite
Views: 1
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Software Lab CA

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