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Are you a fan of sports, especially the football witch?

Download the 365scores program for Android latest version 2021 If you are, we recommend that you download this special add-on 365scores on your smartphone, as it will enable you to follow the league and your favorite team easily at any time and anywhere

Definition addition

This add-on allows you to follow up on the goals firsthand through the alerts that are sent to your device immediately after the goal has occurred, where you will find the target’s video broadcast directly on this add-on, and it also provides a feature to summarize all the goals that came in the match and allows you to follow the match completely with high quality and comment What you want, whether in Arabic or English, and if you want to follow all the variables that stimulate the match, you can do so easily by requesting the arrival of events such as red and yellow cards, goal kicks, penalty kicks, and others.

Download 365scores for Android This add-on does not allow you to follow football only, but through it you can follow all kinds of different sports in addition to it gives you all the news and exclusive information before any of the different news sites so that they are provided with all credibility.

Learn more about the program before downloading the new 365scores 2021 app

365scores application is one of the best football applications that have huge popularity, as this application makes a complete coverage of the most important global and local tournaments as well, as it covers more than a thousand league in different countries, and you can easily through the 365scores program get to know well about the transfer market International matches (World Cup, English Premier League, European Champions League, as well as the Egyptian League, as well as the Saudi Professional League, …. and many, many more.

As this program gives you all the news of the round witch, moment by moment, anywhere around the world, it is a very special and wonderful program and has a large number of fans and followers of football fans. The 365 Score program is one of the most popular sports applications in most countries of the Arab and Western world, because it provides football fans and fans with all the events about local and international football matches, as the application sends a notification of the match results immediately after the match ends.

Download the 365 Score program for Android. The 365 Score app not only provides you with the latest football news, but also provides you with the latest news about basketball, tennis, … etc. So we can call the comprehensive football app because it provides you with any information about any sport from Sports that use the ball.

The 365scores 2021 program not only gives you match results, but through it you can get to know the data of any player, with a schedule of matches that will take place in the coming period in each country, through which you can learn more about the global and local stadiums, as well as knowing the lineup of any team Listed, you can also know which channels will broadcast any game you want to watch, … and many other great features that I will leave for you until you navigate this amazing application and discover more distinctive and really wonderful features.

Plugin features

  • The extension allows all kinds of sports such as basketball, tennis, and of course football.
  • The extension allows sharing any video that you have watched inside with friends on various social media sites.
  • This add-on can send notifications on your device about an hour before the start of the match, in order to alert you to see the lineup, and this is what makes it very special.
  • Ease of use of the extension after installing it on your device, as it is designed in a distinct and easy way for all users.
  • It has a special and wonderful Arabic interface.
  • You can follow all the Arab and European leagues, as the addition provides more than 100 championships in the world, and through it, you can follow the local leagues of your country, such as the Egyptian League and the Saudi League.
  • It can be installed on various platforms and you can download it on your computer if your device is on Windows 10 only as it cannot be loaded on Windows computers less than that.
  • Through it, you can know the different match dates that you can watch directly through Mobikora for PC so that you do not miss the pleasure of watching any match.

App Info

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Version: 11.9.4
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Package: com.scores365
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: SportsApplication
Developer: 365Scores

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