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Wattpad is one of the wonderful and unique applications, through which you can travel within millions of books with ease, it is a huge library that includes a huge number of books, where you can read or download millions of e-books to browse on your phone, whether it is running system iOS or Android system, you can also read directly via the application’s website, and all of these books are completely free and do not cost you any money to get a reading permission, just download your favorite types of books, and enjoy reading your book at any time.

Wattpad is similar to YouTube app but for books

Wattpad can be likened to a YouTube book, there you can read, discover, and share content with others at any time, and it encourages new writers to write and publish stories.

The Wattpad app is one of the most popular e-book applications on the web and has more than 3 million downloads not only for iPhones but also for Palm and BlackBerry devices, and the Wattpad app is somewhat different from other e-book services, it depends mainly on users, as it Readers upload e-books to the Wattpad website and download them to their mobile devices. Although the download process is completely free, you need to register for an account to download the content.

New version of Wattpad app for iPhone 2020

The developer of the application has launched a new version of iOS characterized by a simpler and easier to use interface that helps readers to access the required content, encourages writers to create more stories, and facilitate the process of managing social updates and interactions, and the modern version also helps new users understand the functions of Wattpad Essentials, and encourages existing users to engage in more than reading activities, and highlights the five core Wattpad experiences: Write, Discover, Social Updates, Library, and Profile.

Features of the Wattpad app for iPhone

  • The app clearly displays story cover pictures and book descriptions and highlights user-organized reading lists.
  • The new navigation bar places the option of writing clear in front of your eyes to urge existing writers to follow the stories they are already writing, and to encourage new writers to try creating a new story.
  • Wattpad is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Many social features have also been combined into one offer, so users can now find Newsfeed, notifications and private messages under one tab, which is Social Updates.
  • The app’s updates have made it easier to use, make it simpler and more engaging with the millions of people sharing stories on Wattpad every day.
  • The number of Wattpad users has increased dramatically in a short time. Just two years ago the application was used by 8 million people around the world, but the readers ’love and preference for the application prompted many to go through the experience and download the application to explore it, and as a result, there are 25 million users of the Wattpad application today.
  • One of the interesting features of Wattpad is the ability to browse a book without downloading it to your device. If you like what you are reading now, click on the “Save” button in the bottom left of the screen and the book will be saved to your library.
  • You can raise your story on the app chapter by chapter, people can comment on this chapter, and they can provide encouragement to the writer and indicate where they want the story to go, creating a kind of interaction.
  • You can also read different books without an Internet connection, while controlling the multiple reading settings that the application provides for the best possible reading experience.

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