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Download YouTube Go for Android: YouTube Go 2021 application is Google’s application to easily download and watch videos, and it is an extension of the popular YouTube application.

And YouTube Go is an official application from Google as the original YouTube application, but it allows downloading videos for Android devices, so that the videos are downloaded while connected to the Wi-Fi network and watch them at any time.

The importance of the application and its function can be reduced by being to download videos that have long been a requirement for all users.

The YouTube Go application offers various other advantages that can be shortened as well as being a dedicated and personal application better than YouTube, but at the same time it does not substitute for the original application of the YouTube video sharing service.

YouTube Go app originated

Download YouTube go for Android Google unveiled the YouTube Go app in November 2017, and it can be considered as the “Lite” application from YouTube, and it achieved the number of downloads in the first month and reached 10 million downloads in the first month, and was officially launched in February of In 2018, with an increase in the countries in which the application is supported, to 130 countries.

Advantages of the YouTube Go app

  • Download all videos to watch at a later time.
  • A suitable video app for users who do not have a strong internet connection, as clips are downloaded while connected to a Wi-Fi network for replaying at any time.
  • YouTube Go is the best app for discovering different videos that are popular among many categories, it beats the original YouTube.
  • Preview videos before downloading or viewing them, to avoid uploading content that the user does not want.
  • Choose between downloading the videos to the phone memory or the additional SD memory.
  • Watching downloaded video clips is offline, and can be viewed several times.
  • The YouTube Go app works with small storage spaces, and handles slow and unstable internet speeds.
  • YouTube Go can work on most different Android versions, including older Jelly Bean versions and later.

Advantages of weak internet networks

  • The ability to control network data, as it is possible to prevent downloading and viewing of any video clips during a limited network connection.
  • The ability to share videos instantly, without incurring additional data.
  • Specify the “number of megabytes” data used to download or watch videos.
  • The ability to send and receive downloaded video clips via Bluetooth to share videos without an Internet connection.
  • Choose the resolution of the video that you want to download with, you can choose a low resolution for the video to reduce the size of the Internet consumption.

Disadvantages of YouTube Go app

  • Google did not adequately advertise the application, so its use is still not widespread in the target countries, which are countries that suffer from problems in the Internet.
  • Not allowing YouTube user to comment on or like the videos.
  • The YouTube Go app does not include the ability to reduce the video clip to only view it on one side of the screen, as the full video preview must be used.
  • Some videos when uploaded show a warning that the owner of the video will not allow them to be uploaded at the moment, which is strange because it is against the existence of the application itself.
  • There are many complaints from users that the application is not ready due to their choice of low quality for downloading videos, but it carries the highest quality.
  • The limitations of the video clips allowed for downloading are still a major problem for users.
  • The app cannot be safe mode yet.
  • The YouTube Go app includes a number of pornographic clips according to users’ complaints, as Google has not implemented insurance efficiently yet.
  • Sometimes the application asks for the user’s phone number at some point of use, which is mandatory, which is what Google itself faces for being against users’ privacy.

App Info

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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: Google Inc.

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